Crimson Jeff – Part 2

Hello again.

It’s been awhile since I killed the b*****d who got me thrown into an asylum for something he did. And I say it’s been a pretty good life for me after that, not only did I avenge my family. But now I have a job working at a gas station bringing home food for my friend and I to Chow down on.
And since I’ve been finally able to put the mask away everything has been great…

But that’s not what you came for is it?

It’s time to get back to the main reality.

Time to get back to work…

“So you got an ace?”asked Koal.

”Sorry bro! Go fish,” I said. It was twelve o’clock that night and we decided to just relax, turn on the radio, and play a little game of go-fish. No reason really I just got tired of playing on his Xbox all day and not to mention I got a headache from so much screen time.

“Hey so no hard feelings from when we first met but, thanks for helping me take care of my house. I would have never thought a person like you would be able to be so calm like this,” said Koal.

“What are you talking about again?” I asked.

“I mean the thing with- never mind!” Koal said.

“Uh o-k whatever you say…” I was only playing dumb that time because I really wanted to forget about what I became and move on with my life. But unfortunately something’s just couldn’t be ignored forever cause like I said last time. Even though I said everything was so great, it turns out it was only gonna get worse. Later that night I had a dream. Wait… a dream? Yeah… More like nightmare.

I was back in that room, the very same room I was kept in at the asylum, and then I saw him again. The demon. “You enjoying your power?” he said.

“What are you talking about?” I asked. “That mask I gave you.” he said.

“That mask?… B-But I don’t need it anymore. I killed Jeff the killer!! That’s all I ever wanted to do with that mask.”

“So you really thought that was what the mask was given to you for? To kill one killer?!!”Said the demon.

“Wha-what are you saying.”

I asked. Then he grinned, and then I knew the answer.

“…no no No! you’re asking me to kill them all!? You’re insane!! I can’t go out there just to kill myself while attempting to destroy every psychopath and monster known to creepypasta!!!” I yelled.

“You should have thought about that before you decided to put on that mask,” he said.

He was right And I knew it. I was still in his dept.

Until I completed this task, and…

This was not gonna be easy.

The next day was quiet like usual.

I was still in bed thinking about that dream.

So after a while of thinking about it, I was like: ”What the heck.”

So then I went around the house looking for the mask because I needed to find it. Unfortunately I didn’t actually take good care of it because I didn’t want to use it at all. But now is different, I had a duty to accomplish.

Eventually I found the mask but right when I was about to put it on- “Jeff don’t!!” Koal caught me, and then stood there staring at me with scared eyes.

“Koal, I have to do this, I’m sorry, I don’t have a choice.”

He stared at me with sad eyes now, “…Okay I understand… just don’t kill yourself, you understand!?” and with that out of the way, I placed on the mask and once again flew out on a rampage to go kill my next Target. And yes I had a Target already, “Three” actually. All of them being Slenderman’s proxies. The first one I will hunt down today Is…


I don’t really know too much about him other than the fact that he’s a stalker and his mask completely possesses him.

Other than that it won’t make me scared of him and I’m still gonna kill him. While looking on my phone I discovered a certain location where he would appear again, so then I plotted a trap to get him out of the shadows to end him.

Also The “point” first of all is I need to kill a couple of proxies.

And by doing this I’m showing Slenderman what he’s up against. Because as soon as I finish off with these three proxies. I’m coming for him.

Anyways as I was waiting I begin to notice there was something wrong with this mask I was wearing, it felt different from before cuz before I felt like I had unlimited power.

But now I feel there’s more than that in this mask. Like there’s a being living inside the mask, and I hope It doesn’t take control of me anytime soon, because… like… I feel different, I felt more aggressive than before. I could use that as a weapon yes. But what if I can’t take the mask off?

Suddenly I heard him coming.

“I wonder who I’m gonna kill today?” he said

”The only one that’s going to be killing anyone today is me!” I said in a whispering voice. But As soon as I looked again-


“Gah!!” He actually got the drop on me!

“Well, well, well. Look who I caught today,” he said.

“Lucky hit, unfortunately I’m not gonna let you do that again!”

I shouted.

“Wow I’m so sorry. I should have done that faster!!” he begins swinging his knife at me and actually almost hit me a couple of times.”Woah!-Gotta!-get!-under!-your!-guard!!” I shouted. Then I decided to stop messing around and kill him. By teleporting behind him. But he was able to sense me move, and he still blocked my attack.

“Your gonna have to do better than that if you’re gonna shank me.”

He said too much that I had time to teleport again and this time I got him on the ground. “Ok. You got me this time…”

He said.

Then I stabbed him in the back of the neck, pulled off his mask, and watched him as he died. I took his mask as my trophy, and left to find some shelter.

A few days later I finally came across my second target. Named “hoodie”. But also known as “Brian Thomas”.

He is a drug addict that is said to have slender disease, and I have no clue what that is but that isn’t gonna stop me from killing him.

I walk out to the area where I called him to meet me at and waited for him to show. That ended up being a mistake.



A gun shot fired in my direction, I dodged it as soon as I could.

Then I saw him jumping down from the roof. With gun in hand.

“So who are you supposed to be?”

He asked boldly.

“I’m your grim reaper!! Crimson Jeff!!” I shouted. Then we clashed and fought for hours, and I was surprised on how fast he was, and it didn’t help that I didn’t look up anything on him either. Because it looks like I’m fighting someone who is as fast as koal the cat and unfortunately I’m not so… Yeah he kicked my a*s.

“Ow-Damn it!” I shouted in pain as he shot me in the shoulder with his gun. Fortunately this body of mine can heal but unfortunately he didn’t stop there, he took my knife and started constantly stabbing me over and I over again until suddenly my mask mysteriously fell off after he kicked me in the face, turning me back to normal leaving me vulnerable for him to finish me off.

“Aw what happen to the other guy? Did I stab him to death?”

He sneered.

“ I… got to get that… mask quick… Ahh!!!”

He stepped on my hand before I could get it.

“That mask isn’t gonna save you now!!!”

He yelled and laughed.

He pointed his gun at my face was about to fire.

But then something caught his eye

“What the h-”

All of a sudden a shadowy figure flew over me a pounced hoodie to the ground. “No-gah!!-rahh!!!-aaaaahhh!!!!!”

What ever it was it tore him to shreds. I looked and I couldn’t believe what I saw nor did I understand. It was a creature that was part man and part reptile, period.

It was a lizardman.

Then it spoke.

“Are you ok?!”

Then I was confused and said.

“What are you?”

He looked at me annoyed and said

“What the hell were you thinking!?”

“Trying to kill that guy, but it looks like you got him, so thank you.”

“If I wasn’t here he would have killed you!” he shouted back.

“And why do you care again? Just putting that out there, are we related in some sort of way?”

I asked annoyed.

“Uh-no I’m not related to you, but I owe you for helping me escape.”

He replied. “Escape wher-” then I knew what he was talking about; the asylum.

“You came from there too!?”

I asked.

“Yes and so did other people like you and me, it turned out you came from a facility that was experimenting on kids, and turning them into monsters like you and me.”

He explained. “Well if that’s the case… Then… koal. He came from there too!”

“Yes. Yes! That is why he knew How to take my mask off.” I exclaimed.

“Well it’s great that you helped me out with hoodie here but, I’m going to have to ask you to let me do it solo on my next target.” I told him. “Ok… who’s this next target?”

The lizard man asked.

“The one that calls himself The observer.”

I replied


He asked.

“He’s one of slender’s proxies, he has this creepy video about him trying to hypnotise the viewers into maybe working for Slenderman. But trust me It’s not fooling anyone,” I replied again. Even though it did give me the shivers a bit after watching. But then made me wonder why I didn’t make my own scary video. How do I find him? The way I just want to try. Phase through the computer screen and lock on to the location code online. And soon enough I found the location of this, “observer”.


I shouted.

No response.

“Obviously,” I thought outloud.

He was hiding and waiting for me to fall into whatever trap he set. But my powers allowed me to see right through this trick. ”But was it even a trick though?”

“Hey come on out and make this easy on yourself; so I don’t have to come in there and give you some trouble.”

I demanded.

There was silence. But then I heard a voice.

“You actually think… You stand a chance against him…..?”

“Huh!!? Where are you!!?”

I shouted.

“Behind you.”

Said the voice.

I then spun around to see him standing right behind me.

“Ok mask on!!”

I said as I quickly put on the mask.

As I enter my form , the observer started To give me a look of shock.

“What the f*****g hell are you?!”

He shouted.

“The guy who’s gonna end you, and all you killers!!!”

I shouted in reply.

“Oh really?! Do you really think you, of all people, are gonna end all creepypasta monsters?!”

He asked.

“I have no choice. So yeah. I am.”

I answered.

“And for the record. I read all about you ;so I have a perfect strategy, to simple kill you.”

I gloated.

“Oh really? Show me.”

He gloated back.

I replied by then charging at him and shooting a thousand tendrils out of my back at his face.

He then vanished.

“Must I remind you of my superiority?”

He gloated again.

“Superior? Don’t make Me laugh!”

I said as I found him again. I then watched him and decided to take him on carefully.

“If I just jump at him he’ll disappear again.” I said in my head.

“But if I teleport at him maybe-”

“Hey!! Guess what? Marko!!!”

I said as I teleported.

He was then standing there looking around.”where did he go-”

Pollo!!!” I said As a teleported behind him.

And just when I was about to shank him he pulled a magic trick on me or something because then I was somehow sent to a dimension where It looked like there was no way out.

The floor had a weird eye symbol that shook constantly.

But then I saw him appear as he said “alright time to s**k my d**k b***h!!”

then he posed in some type of fighting form and then charged at me.

I dodged most of his moves until he started using his “Throw” move. Which really pissed me off.

And In rage I flew at him and bit off his hand.

“Gahh!!” he screamed as he fidgeted over his hand he lost.

“You son off a b-” he was interrupted by me flying at him again and kicking him in the face. Which knocked him over. ”You must not know who your f*****g with; right you jeff?!” he yelled.

“That’s Crimson Jeff!!” I said and I did A new combo move I just put together on him. I punched him in the air, then teleported up at him in the air, and then started viciously stabbing him with my tendrils left and right while constantly blinking out all over the place, I went all out but I wasn’t stopping until

There was nothing left of him.

And while I did this he was constantly trying to speak.

“I will kil-



I will-




Then I stopped, and all that was left was a couple chunks of meats and a pair of glasses. And then…

Then dimension disappeared and I was back in the real world. ”That’s the end of that.”

I said.

I had only one target left. He should fear me now though since I have shown him my power; by taking down most of his proxies. I don’t care what made him the most feared because now.

Slenderman will die…

  • I absolutely loved this. Whens part 3 out?

    • johnrobenshadrok shadrok

      when i’m finished with it.