Crimson Jeff – Part 1

Before I tell you this story, you need to know a couple of things about me.

#1 I’m a fan of spider-man & venom
#2 I’m not associated with furries whatsoever
#3 I’m not a Psychopath what-so-ever, (even though when I transform all I want to do is kill and tear things up.)
In any case this is the story of my life and how I. killed Jeff the killer…

“I’m telling you the truth I actually saw it!”

“Jeff… just stop, I’m not in the mood,” mom said.

“Why won’t you listen to me?! I actually saw it was a thin man walking in the forest you saw it too-”

“Jeff!! That’s enough.”

For the rest of the drive home we remained silent, I know she believes me but for some reason she seems to be hiding something, what happen to her when she saw that man i’ll never know, but when we got home it was the last time i’ll ever see her again.

My name is Jeffrey Rogue I’m an ordinary guy interested in the most unnatural of things; People who are known to be really horrifying and just plain horrible.

Context like creepypasta and SCP and anything anyone sees to be strange.

Everything was not so great though. My dad said I was being too obsessed with this crap and always was telling me to give it a rest.

But I can’t, because I actually found evidence that a couple of these psychopaths were real.

But nobody supported me on the subject at all. Anyways even though I said everything was not so great, it turns out it was only gonna get worse. One night a minute before dinner was done and my mom was gonna call my name like usual.

I heard instead yelling and running and a lot of screaming and then house became silent. “Uhm hello?!” I opened the door and walked right into the dining room and saw everyone sitting at the table. At first I relaxed and asked, “Hey what the heck was all that racke-” Then I looked at their faces… carved out smiles were on their mouths and all their organs were spewed all over the table.

I stared in shock. “What… the… hell!!” then out of the shadows a knife went at my throat.

“Shhhhhhh… don’t yell now. They’re sleeping…” I knew that phrase, carved out smiles, and something to do with sleeping. Yes jeff the killer.

“Why?… why?! Why is my family your target?!” I yelled.

“Everyone’s my target…” Jeff sneered, “including you!”

I quickly jabbed him in the gut, got out of his grip, and bolted to the front door to outside and ran like hell.

“Get back here!!” he yelled as I ran into the forest.

I didn’t get very far and then suddenly ran into that slender man.

“Wha… whoa… hey what the hell’s going on?!” I shouted.

Slender man then grabbed me with his tentacles.

“Hey piss off slender!! That’s my victim!!” Jeff yelled.

“To bad…” slender replies. Honestly though, I didn’t care who’s doing what to me at this moment, I was more confused than scared now.

But just then two more people walked out of the woods. Eyeless jack and Ticci Toby.

“Ok I’m not amused,” I then complained.

“Why are you all here?” then Jeff said.

“Because someone is being too freaking nosy about our existence and therefore needs to die.”

I was shocked in fear.

“Oh ha-ha well uhhhhh… Do you mean me? Oh. I don’t really know about you guys at all I don’t even like creepypasta.”

I really tried to play dumb but of course nobody was buying it. So all three of them started walking closer
and closer
and closer
and then.


“I will chose what to do with him.”

Right then, out of the center of the circle, a shadowy figure appeared with black horns on his head with three eyes, and nine mouths all over him. “…zalgo.” I muttered.

Zalgo was the worst of all creepypasta said to be a demon with the ability to corrupt anything into any form he wants.

He will be brought back to his home for now. I have a use for him yet.”

“What! Why? Is it because his name is also Jeff?”

“Be silent!!”

“Bring him home now!”

“No you need to tell me!! Why did you kill my f-” for the whole night I was blacked out and I couldn’t remember a thing.

When I woke up I was in a hospital bed with iron bonds on my wrist and feet.

Then a doctor came in and said, ”Ah- you’re awake. We are sorry to tell you but it just so turns out your are here because it was assumed you killed your family. For there was a knife in your hand when we found you.”

“Wa- no- I didn’t kill my family it was jeff the killer!”

“But your name is also jeff.”

I saw that coming

“So are you saying you have a split personality?”

“No!- I – have you ever heard of creepypasta?!!”

“Jeff those are just stories, just stories to thrill people about a scary things, and to tell you the truth there is no way any of those stories could be tru-”


“Jeff, Jeff, Jeff you need to calm down you’re getting too angry-”

“Shut up! Let me go!!” And then the doctor shoved a needle in my arm and I passed out… so yeah for a while I had to stay at this “asylum or so they say” for quite a while because I was said to have gone to far with my imagination and killed my family.

But that was a lie… I know it is.

And I had to get out of here, and when I get out of here, I’m gonna find jeff.

And kill him.

For a few months I’ve been growing a lot of hair and always forgot to ask the people to give me a haircut but obviously I really just didn’t care I just wanted to get out of here.

Then one day… oh god really you know when I was there, days seemed like years so I didn’t know what day it was, nor did I f*****g care.

Anyway I was staring at the corner of my room when all of a sudden It began to crack, and then wall opened up and out came smoke and fire and then a weird figure with horns on his head. About as tall as the room I’m in.

I knew it wasn’t zalgo because he didn’t have three eyes and black skin.

Right then he started to speak, “…Do you wanna leave?…” He asked.

“Y-Yes.” I stuttered. ”Then this is the only way,” then in his hand appeared a mask. A white mask with a face that looked a little like jeff the killer’s face except a little disoriented. the eyes bleed black up and down, and the grin was wider with yellowish fangs and teeth . Nope still didn’t care!! And in a fury; I snatched the mask and put it on.

“Now wha- ah… AHHHHHHH!!”

I didn’t remember anything then ,but now I can tell you what happened, unnaturally white tendrils spread across my body turning my skin white with black stripes. I became a monster like version of jeff , slenderman, and smiledog .

With the title “Crimson Jeff”.

And why crimson? The chaos I caused made the color of crimson go everywhere.

I was conscious during my attack, (sort of) my rage took over my body as ripped everyone that was in my way into tiny little meat pieces. Not as tasty as it sounds but whatever.

The people screamed but It didn’t care in fact I enjoyed hearing them scream. It made it easy to find them, and tear them all to f*****g shreds.

Every last one of them!

And I didn’t stop.

If you were there reader you would have quite a fright.

In your eyes you would have seen a lot of people’s body parts all over the floor making them unidentifiable, and then if you’re not watching your back, you could have been next…

This was a dark memory of mine , when I first became a monster, but when there was no one left, I ran and ran until my vision faded, then I woke up, in my room.


“How did I get back home so fast?”

“Was that all just a dream?” curiously I opened the door to check the hallway, but then I could see it was not dream.

Scratches were all over the wall, blood was dripped in many different places.

I went into the kitchen to see if anyone was there.

But unfortunately there wasn’t.

“Oh… right.” I said in sadness. “How many months has it been?”

Well since I was home I decided to help myself with the kitchen fridge.

And ate anything I could find.

Even if it was decayed. I didn’t care I haven’t had any other type of food besides whatever the f*****g asylum provided. After I chilled for a bit I got my old red hoodie on and went outside for a walk , it was nice an all enjoying the old scenery of the outdoors but I had to focus on the main point, I became one of them.

A serial killer. No like I said before I’m not a psychopath, that wasn’t even me.

It couldn’t have been me, right? “What the hell happened last night anyway?”

I said to myself.

“Well I’m just glad I’m free… for now. Who knows I might have left a trail for them to find me.”

Fortunately It just turns out that I didn’t leave a trail. But how? I would have to like, teleported… unless… Maybe I did… maybe the mask had slender’s powers in it. Wait where did that mask go anyway? I went back in the house to go look for it, and weird thing is it was laying in the doorway right when I walked in. Somehow it simply reacted to my call like it was connected to me, weird.

I really wasn’t sure if it was ok to even put the thing on.

But no one was around so I guess it’s ok.

On it goes. As the mask slowly touches my face I start to hear dark speech, but before I turn around to look, the mask jumped on my face. If you seen the movie “the mask” you would know what the scene right now looked like. No the whole part where he spins around no thank God no that’s not what happened. I found my vision blurred by darkness, then I opened my eyes, I was hanging upside-down off a tree. I looked at my hands and they were changed to these black demon like claws and the same for my feet, my face on the other hand, uhhh… I went to a window to have a look…

“What the hell am I?” I said. For once I was fully conscious and the look on my face terrified me.
I had a huge muzzle and hair that was black with red stripes. And for once I had clothes on in this time. But then I had the thought in my head that I could do anything now, “Great… just great, now I can have my revenge,” I said. I really didn’t know what I was getting myself into.

A couple days later After a Little bit of training on some stuffed animals at this abandon museum,
(I thought they were fake at least) I was ready to go hunting, plus I discovered in my little training that I’ve gain slender man’s other ability “tendril attack”, except my tendrils were a little different, for example; they are arrow pointed and can be split into a hundred other tendrils, which would make it really hard for my target to get away. So I decided to do something drastic with this power I got, try it out on the real thing.

(And as in the real thing I don’t mean jeff, what I mean is… is uhh… other-) “humans!” Yep! you get the picture I just went about and started slaughtering random people just like all those other psychopaths.
One day though I came across this house in the middle of the forest, I peaked in the window to see what was inside, hoping to find a person inside but instead, I found a cat…

No seriously this was a cat who owned a man’s house, was wearing human clothes, standing on two feet, and playing his freaking Xbox.

I didn’t care I was gonna kill it anyways, human or not.

I teleported inside and shot a tentacle at him, and he dodged it! I wasn’t stopping though, I shot a bunch more at him, But He jumped out of the way of every single one!

Who was this guy?

then he came charging at me gave me a punch in the face, which left him open for my trump card, I swiftly pulled my knife I keep stored in my pocket and slashed him across the face.

”Ha got him that time!” I shouted.

We then went at it for 2 minutes when finally he set a trap for me that ending up with me tying myself up with my own tendrils. Then when I couldn’t move anymore he grabbed my face and tore it off, turning me back to my human form.

“Hey! how did you know how to do that?!”

“Because i saw you took it off a couple of days ago when you killed those people on the street.” said the cat.

“Wait how come I didn’t see you anywhere?” I asked.

“Uhm well since i’m part cat I tend to be fast,” he said.

“Huh well that’s nice but could you like give me that mask back?” I asked.

“No can do,” he said.

“You gotta be kidding me! I need that mask give it back!” I yelled.

“So you can kill me? Not a chance,” he said.

“It wasn’t really meant for killing you I was originally gonna use it for getting back at jeff the killer but I got a little carried away and i guess… I killed a lot of people,” I said.

“Yeah why do you wanna kill him? Did he like kill someone important to you?”

“HE KILLED MY WHOLE FAMILY YOU A*****E!!” I yelled in rage.

“Oh… sorry I didn’t know…” he said.

“Yeah sure. Now give me back my mask and I promise I won’t kill you right off the bat,” I said.

“Sure thing but if I give this back to you got to vow to work with me, you’re lucky I spared you cause if I really wanted to, I could have kill you,” he said.

“Really? Aren’t you afraid of the law and stuff?” I asked.

“Aren’t you?” he replied.

“Huh… you got a point there,” I said. So he gave me the mask; then we decided to talk.

“Hey we got off at a bad start, let’s start over. Hi my name’s koal , koal the cat,” he said.

“Jeffrey Rogue, but I guess you can call me Jeff,” I said. “So what do you want since I’m working with you.”

I asked, “Well funny thing, My family was also slaughtered by jeff the killer, so I was thinking-”

“Wait a second was your whole family cats?” I interruptedly asked.

“No they were normal humans​,” he said.

“Then how come you look like a-”

“Cat? Because…. Uhm well you see some stupid scientists using me as a lab rat, altered my DNA and so I look like this.”

“Oh” I replied. “So what’s your story with the mask?” he asked.

“Sorry no-can do, it’s a long story.”

“Well that’s a shame. well anyway’s not getting off topic, we need to go find Jeff and kill him,” Koal said.

“Hmmm. Sounds like a plan but how do we do that?” I asked.

“Easy we lure him to us. The same way Jane did in her story.”

“Wait you read creepypasta too?”

“Yep never thought we’d be in one though,” he said.

So that being said we got to work looking for the possible way to get jeff the killer to take the bait. I can’t wait to rip that f*****g smile of his face and devour his eyes. But what we did, I never want to do ever again. We went into public and murder a bunch of kids on a school playground. This sets a bad example for the “cool cat” you would know from YouTube or TV. And I almost cried when I finished off the last kid.

Koal on the other hand keep this creepy look on his face while slaughtering the rest of the kids with his smile so similar to the cheshire cat (which made sense since he was a cat.)

Right before we left he put a note right​ on the corpse of our last victim, telling Jeff where to meet us.
Anyways we went back to his place later to check the news and lucky enough the news showed that very attack with the note on the big screen.

“Let’s hope Jeff watches the news cause we’re ready for a fight,” Koal said. That night we went to the location which was located in that same spot I was knocked out at before I was sent to that mental hospital for almost a whole year.
And so we waited.
And waited.
And waited too long that we fell asleep.

“Crimson!! He’s here!!”

I got up late just to see Jeff already fighting Koal.

I put on the mask as fast as I could but unfortunately… Not fast enough.


Jeff stabbed Koal.

In terror​ I dropped my​ knife and walked back slowly.

“You are the people who challenged me?! You two must be joking!! This will be too easy, since I killed your friend that fast, It will be no problem killing you.” he said.

In an instant he charged at me and didn’t even give me chance to get my knife before he pinned me to the ground. Then grabbed my knife and his knife and start constantly stabbing me over and over saying, “Die! die! die!” and laughing while blood flew everywhere. He did it so fast I ran out of air in a few seconds. I was fading I knew this plan was too flawed because we fell asleep. We made a mistake and now we can are paying for it. And in my last breath right before I passed out, Jeff said his famous motto “go to sleep…..” -but then I awoke to find out it never happened.

That dream must have been a warning. Because then I knew what I had to do. I remembered where he was gonna come out into the opening from my dream so we decided to duck in cover where he won’t find us. And then at that moment he arrived, in that center area of the forest he stood there.

I decided to go first, I got behind him and just before I pulled out my knife​, and he cut my wrist.

“Augh!!” I shouted.

“This isn’t a game kid! You can’t just stab me in the back like that newbie! You should know better than to pull a fast one on Jeff the killer,” Jeff said.

“Come on Jeffery think… what to do… powers… of course why didn’t I think of that in the first place!!” and so I said

“So… what can’t I do?”

I put on the mask, transformed, and went into action.

I disappeared and reappeared constantly to try to confuse him. Then I sliced him from behind but he blocked it. But I wasn’t stopping there. I went faster and started striking him from all different angles, even as he blocked all my attacks I began to attack him with guilt.

Telling him all the people he killed will hate him forever, and his family loved him but he was too blind with blood thirstiness to even be see it. And also telling him over and over again. “You killed my family and deserve to die.” He acted like he didn’t care at first​ but then I started to notice his moves were starting to get slurpy from my attacks and then. His guard fell for one second and then I pounced at him and disappeared…

He looked around for a while and just as he started​ thinking I wasn’t real, I reappeared and finished the pounce, for the first time in his life he was afraid. I held him down on the ground, just like he did to me in my dream, and said a very weird version of Jeff’s mato “go to sleep , and don’t wake up!!” And then he looked at me, and then laughed, “What the f**k is that? that’s the most dummest version of my mato I had eve- ach!” Out of the woods a knife flew at his head and planted into his skull.

And to finish him off I threw him into the air with my “tentacles”, and slit his head off ending with another knife planting his head into a tree.

The scene does remind me of one of scorpion’s finishers in Mortal Kombat. And so Jeff the killer is dead.


Yet it felt too easy.

Anyway even though that was the case we still had to dispose of the body before someone finds it and calls the police and it’s on the news.

But after that was done I couldn’t really live on my own in my house because for some mysterious reason it got burnt down. The person who did it I’ll never know,nor will I care. It was good thing that Koal let me live with him because we are still partners, and it was ok I still miss my family to this day, but I’m glad they didn’t die in vain. That b*****d payed with his life.

And so I never had to kill anyone ever again. But I still wonder.
Who was that demon?
Who made this mask?
And what was this mask originally made for?

  • Kayleigh

    So I like the stroy not bad

  • Absolutely loved it. Brilliant creepypasta. Reading PT02 now.