Creepy Tia

Tiana was your average girl. She had good grade, she was a loner which caused her to not have any friend’s. But what was unusual about Tiana is that she would wake up to find scratch marks all over her body; a lot of them were just scratches, but others were deep and made scars on her body. Kids would tease her for this and call her ‘Creepy Tia’.

It was a normal day for Tiana. She just came back from school and was lying in her bed; staring at her ceiling. She then heared a giggle come from no-where, she sat up and looked around the room. She didn’t see anyone so she thought it was just her imagination. She wanted to lay back down but something in her mind told her not to. As silence filled her room; she saw a shadow right in front of her bed. Standing there. Her breathe was caught in her throat as sudden tears pricked her eyes.

“W-who are you,” she says with a studder.

A high pitches giggle fills the air; but something about it sent shivers down Tiana’s spine.

“Why I’m you of course!” The thing said rocking back and forth like a child.

Tiana was terrified; her mind was racing with questions.

“W-what do you mean?” Tiana asks the unknown creature.

“There’s no need for that! You already know what I mean, Tiana,” The thing says with a laugh.

Tiana was shaking, she didn’t know what to do. The only thing she could do now was to sit in the bed; praying that the thing wouldn’t hurt her.

“Why are you so quiet now? Your hurting my feelings, Tiana,” the creature said with a frown on its face.

Tiana felt a sudden guilt. She didn’t know why, she didn’t even think it was her own feeling.

“Those kids at school hurt you, don’t they?” The being said; coming close at a terrifying slow pace.

Tiana tried moving but it felt like something was holding her; forcing her to stay and watch as the figure comes closer to her. Tiana tried her best to scream but nothing came out.

Don’t you want to get rid of them? I can help you. I will be the friend you’ve always wanted,” the creature claimed.

Whispers started to fill the room. All repeating the same words of ‘kill them’ or ‘trust me’. Tiana wanted to leave but she felt unknown comfort for the creature.

She wanted to stay…

You don’t need them, you have me now. Kill them Tiana, kill them all,” the creature said as it’s voice echoed through the room.

The whispers continued until they kept repeating ‘kill them all’.

Until a knock on the door woke up Tiana. She jumped as she looked around the room; sweating heavily.

“Honey, are you alright? I heard taking coming from your room.” Tiana’s mom said her voiced muffled a little due to the door.

“Y-yeah I’m fine” Tiana yelled to her mom.

A sigh was heard followed by footsteps walking away from her room.

The next day, Tiana went to school; but she was still scared of what happened yesterday but she kept her mouth shut and try to avoid it. Tiana heard whispers come from different student’s as soon as she entered the classroom. She kept her head down and walked to her seat when a older boy pushed her down.

“Hey Creepy Tia, do you have anymore scars today?” The boy said with a loud laugh.

Tiana felt sudden anger as she stood up. She grabbed the boy and started hitting him as the children gasped at the sight and yelled at Tiana to stop. She didn’t want to do this. This wasn’t her doing. She heard a faint giggle echoing in her head. She almost knew who it belonged to. She stopped hitting the boy as the teacher walked in.

“What’s going on here?” The teacher’s voice boomed in the classroom.

“It was Creepy Tia! She started hitting him for no reason,” one girl proclaimed.

Tiana kept her voice shut as she sat down. The boy didn’t have any noticeable injuries; his hair was ruffled up and he sat down with his friends, whispering about Tiana once more.

It was around midnight as Tiana walked through the cold streets. The street lamps helped Tiana as she walked through the darkness. The creature Tiana saw before appeared right in front of her. But this time; it wasn’t just a shadow. The creature had a TV for a head and on the screen it showed a large smile with rows of sharp teeth, one blood red eye that shined in the dark. The creature had a black substance cover most of its body, the thing had long black claws that looked ready to slice someone open. The creature smiled as Tiana felt fear; the same fear she felt when she first met the thing.

“Hello Tiana!” The creature said in excitement.

Tiana didn’t say a word to the creature; she feared that if she did it would strike her and possibly kill her. The creature pouted.

“Jeez your not much of a talker are ya?” The creature said with a frown.

The thing sighed as it smiled once more.

“But besides that, I wanted to give you an opportunity of freedom from all of this pain and hatred,” the creature claimed.

Tiana was interested in this, she thought maybe she could have a chance to be happy with everything and not be scared to go to school everyday. She was blinded by fake happiness as the creature held out its hand. Tiana ignorantly took its hand as all the world faded to black for Tiana.

What Tiana didn’t realize was that the creature took over her whole body and was now walking towards the home. The creature made Tiana’s body sneak into an open window. Once inside the unknown house; the creature saw a sleeping girl laying in her bed. The creature made Tiana’s body grow black, sharp, claws. A smile crept on Tiana’s face. The thing made Tiana rip open the stomach of the unknown girl, blood and guts spilled onto the floor and all over the bed. The girl woke up and tired to scream before Tiana slit the throat of the girl as she died instantly. A giggle echoed through the room.

The next morning, Tiana woke up to see that she was in her room. She can’t remember what she did that night. She yawned as the shadow creature appeared in front of Tiana.

“How did you sleep, Tiana?” The creature asked Tiana.

“I slept alright, am I going to have a good day today?” Tiana asked the thing.

“Of course!” The creature responded.

Tiana was about to go downstairs before the thing stopped her.

“I made up a name for myself! My name is now TV” the shadow said with a smile before turning into Tiana but it wasnt quite like Tiana. The fake Tiana had red eyes and sharp rows of teeth that formed into a insane smile.

Tiana changed into a grey sweater she never wore before to school as she walked downstairs. The TV was on to see the latest news. The news reporter said that there was a murder of a girl that was in Tiana’s class. The reporter also said that there was a name written in blood that said ‘TV’. Tiana slowly turned her head to see TV there; right next to her with a large smile.

“How terrible, I hope they catch who did it” TV says with a never-ending smile.

A few weeks pass and the same thing happens everyday; if someone messes with Tiana, they would die later that night. It all was a ‘normal’ routine between Tiana and TV, then one day, TV was getting bored; she wanted her own body, a body that would be seen as her’s. So while Tiana was asleep, TV took over and never left since she was far more stronger than Tiana.

“Now Tiana, since were friends, I thought we would share, but in this case; you will never get what you want back.” TV said with a loud laugh.


Tiana was never a name heard from again by others.

  • Daniel Di Benedetto

    Well, that was something. It wasn’t written well, to be frank. There were many grammatical errors, every time a semicolon was used, it was used incorrectly, there were verb tense agreement errors, and other things. The story possessed many tropes, and as to how Tiana- or, TV, I suppose- could kill somebody every night without getting caught is an enigma to me. I will say this, though… Having an evil TV torment and possess a teenage girl is one of the most unusual, and unique, plots I’ve ever read.