It was late at night maybe like 2:00. I was sitting on the couch drinking my coffee when I heard a loud knock upstairs. I thought maybe it was Purfect (My Cat). I got up off the couch stretched and walked upstairs. I didn’t see anything so I turned on some lights when I saw something moving hastily around the room.

I caught I glimpse of it and it was just Purfect running around the house. I came back down stairs and noticed my TV had been turned off and at first I thought I set a timer on it to turn off but just then I felt a little cold. I noticed the thermometer was turned down to 5. I turned it back up to 15 and went outside for a smoke and That’s when I noticed it was snowing out.

I thought, “What the heck? It’s the middle of July and there’s snow?!” I went back inside and heard the quiet meaws of Purfect. I couldn’t tell where they were coming from so I sat back down. I opened my laptop and was greeted by the Windows 10 loading screen, once it loaded up I went to work on an animation when I noticed a file on my computer called “cold.exe”. I don’t remember downloading this file I thought to myself as I dragged the file into the recycling bin. It said something went wrong during this process. I tried again but nothing. I decided to open it when it brought me to a menu screen that said “COLD” in all caps. There were to options Cold or No. I said Cold and said as you wish and closed itself. I was out of coffee so I got up to make more.

I started hearing strange noises coming from the fridge. So after I made my coffee and opened the fridge and saw Purfect sitting there shivering and the temperature read -20. I picked her up and shut the fridge door. What the heck is going on I said to myself. I called 911 and said there was an intruder in my house and they said they’d be there in 20 minutes. “20 minutes!” I yelled as I hung up.

The file opened up and said Cold or No again. I tried closing it but it didn’t close. It showed up with a link so I pressed it and it closed happy, I was about to shut my Laptop down when the link showed a video of a man in a red shirt staring into the camera lens. He said he was doing an experiment on his best friend to see if he would take money from a blind man. I thought, “Oh, one of these videos OK.” It showed the man walking up to his best friend with money and his friend pushed him down and ran with the money. The man in the red shirt chased him down and bring him home. He blindfolded him and started hitting him. I tried to close the video but it didn’t work. I tried everything even to shut down my computer but none of it worked.

I even through my laptop and it cracked the screen but the video continued to play. This time the man was bashing him with a sledgehammer. I threw up but for some reason kept watching. The police arrived and I showed them the laptop and searched the house. No intruders they said. Also you need to bring your laptop to a repair shop. They left and all the lights were flickering. I got thrown across the room and I saw the guy in red staring at me. He put a blindfold on me and turned his camera on.

  • Zomm B.

    Very lackluster. You seemed like you were simply bored and didn’t care too much about simple mistakes.

  • eliana

    Towards the end it really didn’t make since but it’s a good story 3 stars

  • Rhaegar2016

    Meh. All the typos and spelling mistakes really took away from the story.