Cobb’s Road

Not many people know of the road, but those who do might not live to tell the tale. Some people would say you’re insane for saying such preposterous stories, and they’d be right.

I like many people didn’t believe the stories. Now I can’t stop thinking about what happened. Many, many nightmares fill my head to the point where it feels as if my head will blow any second. Sometimes I feel like I need to pop my head, like a balloon.

Not much longer than two weeks ago did this happen, but I remember it like it just happened. That damned night on Cobb’s Road.

The road was known to be one of the most haunted in America, but did I believe them? No, no I sadly didn’t. One death after the other happened within the confines of the dark road.

The first person dead, was Dor Cobb. The one who propose that the town should build the road, to make it easier to get in and out of town. She soon met her maker when struck by a drunk driver as soon as the road was open to the public. Our town dearly misses her. Such a kind person, killed with seconds. Blood splattered across the streets within seconds, having a dark nearly black kind of color. Screams is all that could be heard, mostly from the children who would soon not forget the gore they’ve seen. As if Satan had walked threw the road only to visually burn that into their brains. And he might have.

Around several other deaths happened on the road. None of them soon being forgotten.

It’s rumored only to be haunted 6pm-12pm. That’s when most of the people met the end of their lives. Now most people stay the hell away from the road. To make sure they’re not gonna be on a memorial the next day.

I had just came home from Walmart, because I hadn’t gone shopping in a couple of weeks. It was 11:34pm and I was too tired to care about anyone. I didn’t believe in ghost, I never did it just seemed asinine. I saw it, the sign it read out

“Cobbs Road
Rest in peace

The final line of name was empty, as if it was waiting for its next victim. Like it knew it killed, like it wanted to take its next life.

I didn’t really care, I’ve seen every story that’s been said about this road. Like I believe in something that stupid. It’s almost like leaving in the boogeyman, you believe in it when you’re young but after a while you just stop believing in such retarded things. The sign was green with its chipped paint, it’s only been here for a couple years but it felt like a decade. You couldn’t go a yard without seeing some kind of splatter onto this road. Didn’t matter if it was blood, urine, or feces. You would find it on this extremely dark gray Road.

Knowing that this entire thing was complete bull crap, I went on because I’d be damned if some urban legend what stop me from getting home.

As soon as I pressed on the gas pedal, I soon felt like I was about to freeze to death. I felt like a million Eyes Were Watching Me from far away. Almost as if Bigfoot and any second would come out and break my car, what stupid thoughts. Thoughts of a child no less. I’m way too old to be believing in some kind of ghost, I thought to myself.

The second I thought that, down to the millisecond I read that in my brain. I saw something, it was headlights. I assume screamed and hit the brakes. I close my eyes praying to God I wasn’t going to die. Like that was supposed to do something, like some kind of magic was just going to teleport me out of this bad situation. I knew whatever was going to hit me would probably kill me. So I just accepted my fate and open my eyes. If I was going to die I would do it with dignity.

Whenever I open my eyes, the headlights are gone as of something just passed right through me. I felt my heartbeat it was about to explode right out of my chest. I knew I was just going insane, I felt like none of this was real, but my believe just went down the toilet. It was real, like somehow that fake car told me that this road was a mistake. I knew I was going to get out of there if I didn’t I would have died.

I look back only to see the void, just pure blackness like nothing that ever existed in the world. I turn back to where I was facing the front of the road. In front of me I saw a little girl.

She had the blackest of here I’d ever seen, those bloodshot eyes I would never soon forget, almost completely blue skin like she had been bloated in

side of the water. I was too stunned to move. My body just wanted to go for some reason. Then my foot just suddenly hit the gas pedal.

As I saw the face of the girl soon get closer and closer. I soon realized she wasn’t real. None of this was real, was anything ever real? I didn’t care I tried to stop, but my body just won’t let me. Like something was telling me to hit this girl. And so I did, only two phase right through her. But that didn’t stop the blood covering my car, like I just hit a real person. I know it was just a part of my mind playing tricks on me, but I couldn’t help being terrified of my own imagination.

I soon found another woman in the middle of the road. This one look like it was average nothing weird about her. Just a middle-aged woman walking down the middle of the road. But I knew my mind was just going to play another trick on me. It was either I get tougher than my mind or it get tougher than me. Easily ran over the woman, with a crunching sound in it going underneath my car, blood splattered against my windshield, crack start a phone or against my windshield with some of it actually breaking. Whenever I start to drive again I can hear the bones of cracking of the woman from the back tires. She didn’t make a sound other than just a couple Yelps. I thought my mine would have made her yell or do something that would have terrified me Beyond hell. It didn’t, for some reason I actually like hitting them, even if it was my own mind. My car was actually damaged it had a huge a*s dent in it.

Breathing hard and smiling I checked my phone to see what time it was. So I could see this was true or not did I just see all of that between 6 and 12?

I pulled out my phone for it to read


  • Sarita Tinsley King

    Couldn’t even make it halfway through this what with the poor grammar, spelling, and use of verbiage.

    • Puddin Tane

      I strongly agree with you. I gave it a two star rating and even that was stretching it.

  • Bonnie Manz

    Please consider editing this story.

  • Willock Flame

    So because it was not 6-12 did that mean you actually hit a real woman?

  • Jessica

    I like this story its amazing