This is b******t. I’m telling you right now, this is motherfucking b******t. I’m pretty much typing this out on my old laptop, which can’t play pong without shorting out, I’m surprised I can run google without putting this thing on strain.

Anyways, I saw some weird s**t today. No, I was not under the influence of drugs, if that’s what you think is wrong. I’m sitting in a local Dunkin’ Donuts, using their free WiFi because I can’t afford that, nor will my parents pay for that “unneeded convenience.” It’s unreal, really. Makes you feel like s**t when even your parents don’t give a f**k.

Sorry, I’m rambling. So, I was going to my college (paid my scholarship), and I was talking to my friend, Eli. Usually, he’d start a conversation up before I even sat down, or maybe conversing with another student at our lunch table (yes, I apologize for not specifying, it was lunch), he seemed pretty down, so after conversing with him I cleared my tray, etc, and walked to class.

It was a test as I expected, so I popped my ear buds on, and listened to some Korn. I looked over to the person next to me. Now, not to sound like a creep, but damn, she was hot. She looked back at me. My reaction was probably “Oh s**t! Covers blown!” Or something like that, but, she just smiled, and looked back at her paper.

I was confused for a moment, but I accepted it, probably means she likes me. I got back to work, finishing the test after a half hour or so. I read a book, still listening to Korn (life is peachy, to be specific). The bell rung. I got up, and then s**t hit the fan. I look beside me, remember that h*******k? Well she was staring me down, not like “I want the D,” it was more like “I’m going to kill you,” so I just started back, chills flowing through, almost never subsiding for a couple seconds.

I just walked out. Eyes burned through my neck like a candlestick burned by a blowtorch. I looked behind me. Getting stalked by h*******k, noted. Then I saw something waving behind her. Tendrils? The f**k? I looked forward, speedwalking, almost sprinting at this point. I felt something slam me in the back, as I fell forward, dropping my book and bag, rolling to face upwards. This chick kneels down and breathes right on my face.

“Not in the mood to get r***d right now, just saying,” I muttered.

She moaned. The f**k? I shoved her a bit, giving her the message that she’s crossing the f*****g line. A tendril stabbed my leg.

“GAHHH! F**K!” I yelled, now in tears.

I full on shoved her off. I crawled away as fast as possible. I pulled out my lock wrench (my school has no f*****g security, as such, I use it to help people crack their lockers open if they get locked out, or if I do) I slammed it to the ground, using it to get up. I yelled for help to no avail. Nobody. The tendrils grabbed me a lifted me.

Now, if I’m listening to music, it’s like a small adrenaline rush for me. And I was, and was being attacked. I went balls to the wall flip out.

I gripped the wrench, and slammed the tendrils as many times I needed to. She helped, the tendrils dropping me. I couldn’t move. She keeled down near my face, and chomped on my shoulder. I screamed in agony.

After passing out, I woke up in a hospital, and now typing this. Weird shits been going on, muscle spasms, nosebleeds, and eye bleeds. I’ll update this as much as I can, I just need time to think.