Cellar I

Darkness. It embraces me in this stone room. It’s all around. They say nothing grows in the dark, yet I have grown stronger through it. I hear yelling. I want to look through the keyhole, but these bruises constrain me to wallowing in the dirt awaiting Him. There’s a bang. Something’s wrong, something’s changed. After a brief silence the door swings open. The intensity of light is too much, but I keep my eyes open to see Him. There’s something else in His arms. Someone else. He throws a boy on the opposite side of the room and slams the door shut again, bringing back the blackness I have come to know all too well. I force myself up. I can save us both. I claw at a crack in the stone, like an animal, forcing a single shard from the obscure corner. I know what I must do. I bury it in the dirt before I close my eyes one last time. I awaken to screaming. It’s the boy. It’s getting louder. I know what happens when He gets angry. I do what I have to, to save myself. I strike him in the mouth. With one blow it goes quiet. It feels good. I hit him again. And again. Blood pours from his nose into the dust. He tries to shout again. My sight goes red and when it goes clear I’m standing over him with the shard. I force it into his neck and I push it deeper and deeper until he goes limp. I am too late. He heard everything. The same footsteps are coming. I roll the boy over and I run to the opposite corner and wait. The door swings open and He walks in. He turns his attention to the corpse in a mixture of blood, sweat, and dirt. This is my chance. As I dive at him with the shard he looks me in my eyes. As I force the 7-inch shard into his ribcage I feel myself smile watching him gasp for air. I step out and I remember the bang as I see another boy laying on the floor in another pool of blood. I smile again. I was not as weak. I pick up a knife from the table and walk out of the door. I hear howling. Wolves. I hear a bang. He is close. I run into the forest. I hear Him getting closer. I stumble out onto pavement. My eyes are met by blinding headlights.

I wake up in my bed. It’s the same old dream. Its a bad memory that just won’t fade. I wake up every morning less and less human. Today it doesn’t bother me. It’s almost like I’m embracing it. I don’t mind. I go back to bed one more time. When I finally wake up, it’s dark out. I get up and look in the mirror. I remember this faint dream from before. The dream of youth. Mine was taken from me when I was 8 along with my humanity. I am no man. I am a wolf. I must hunt. I prepare to do what I must.

I walk these streets tonight in disguise. They look at me as if I’m one of them. They are all fools, but I do not seek them. I come to the corner and I see what I’ve been searching for. I walk to the car and I see him. He’s touching a boy. I have to do something. I fling the door open and throw him on the road. Run I tell the boy. Meanwhile He’s getting up, trying to gain balance. I bash his head against the car window, shattering glass. The boy is long gone by now. He pulls something from his jacket. He stabs me in the stomach with it but He doesn’t know I am not a man. It doesn’t affect me. I pull it out and its the shard. I remember the dream and do what I must. I shove it into the side of his neck and watch his blood pour onto the pavement. I feel the same rush I did all of those years ago. I leave him there for all to see. My hunt had been a success.

I return to my den for the night. It isn’t long before this desire comes back. To watch the blood of a masochist pour at my feet. I sleep well knowing what I have done. The next morning on the news I see Him. It brings back a feeling of pleasure. I am pleased. I go to the cellar. He is here. I feel it. My mission isn’t over. I must hunt soon.