Casey Greens

Jenna and I was in our dorm as I made my bed. Jenna didn’t like me a lot, in fact; she was one of my bullies. I had asked to change dorms but it was too late into the school year to change.

I wasn’t always a killer, in fact I was a sweet innocent girl once, exposed to the world of violence and like all people, became part of it.

She looked over at me with a glare I was use to. She flicked her blonde, slick hair behind her shoulder and then pulled me up by my hair. I didn’t fight back. I was use to the abuse. I still wonder how she got into this school.

I went to a special school for teenagers with talents, and I know she had no educational talent once so ever. She would try and make me do her homework every night, but I refused. I started to hide my homework so she couldn’t cheat or destroy it. It worked too.

She threw me at her friends, Cherry and Piper, before they started to beat me up. “Haha, loser!” Cherry shouted. “That’s why everyone in this school hates you! Because you’re a nerd!” Jenna shouted before kicking me. I knew how to fight, I fought my older brother all the time before moving to the campus, but I didn’t want to get kicked out of the school.

“Well sorry if I’m smart.” I said before standing up and walking into our dorm, locking the door on Jenna. Jenna never brought her keys with her, and that made it easy to get away from her if I wanted to.

I ignored her banging on the door and slipped on my headphones. I love music and art more than anything. I was actually a good drawer to everyone’s surprise. I grabbed my color pencils and sketchbook, then doodled the bloody drawing I was working on before.

I love bloody things. I never knew why, I just enjoyed how good I was at drawing it. I drew the structure of the bloody knife before getting a call from my big brother, Christian.

“How’s it going?” He asked. “Good? I said. ” Cool, well do you know when you’re coming back, mom and dad is drunk again and I can’t hang with my friends.” Christian said. “I don’t know, hopefully this weekend.” I said, trying to cheer him up.

My mom and dad liked to get drunk when they needed to take stress off their mind, so it was quite often really. I knew I wasn’t going g to that house anytime soon. I wouldn’t after what they did to me.

Before I left for school one day, my mom tried to hurt me, and my father tried to touch me. It was awful. I never set foot in the house after that. ‘Oh, okay. Bye little sis.” He said before hanging up.

I had a bad problem with my emotions that caused a lot of anger and depression. It was that I could never feel joy. Everyone tried to fix me, but couldn’t. I could feel sadness, anger, fear, all of those, but nothing ever made me happy, well other then my talent. But I always felt like it wasn’t enough for me.

I felt missing, I tried many hobbies at the school, regular art didn’t help. Only my gory art could make me slightly happy.

Jenna slipped her credit card through the door and I gasp. That was new. One of her friends must’ve told her how to use the credit card because her pea brain didn’t know how to use it.

I his under the bed and saw as she looked for me. The window was open and so she was stupid enough to think I jumped out. They went on the roof before I slipped out and close the window, making sure I locked it.

“Now if you excuse me, I’m late for class.” I said before grabbing my book bag and walking out the door. I met up with Caroline, my best friend as we walked into class. I stared down Bryan, my crush, as I blushed madly.

Before I met Caroline, he was the only kid I knew to be nice to me. I heard someone cough behind me and turned to see the teacher. “Homework?” She asked. “Man! I forgot it in my room! Sorry Mrs. Brown. I’ll bring it tomorrow.” I said. She smiled and stepped in front of me. “It’s okay Casey. You’re my best student. Have it tomorrow okay.” Mrs. Brown said.

The students growled, except Bryan and Caroline. Could you blame them? Even the teachers that didn’t teach me considered me their favorite student. I had the advantage of the teacher’s pet. And I enjoyed it.

Gym was about to started as I starred at Byran. “Hey tomato? Why don’t you talk to him?” Caroline asked. “Huh? No. I can’t.” I said. Now don’t get me wrong, I did like Bryan, but never loved him. Like I said before, I could never fell joy, only at certain times.

“Whatever. Let’s go before we’re late for class.” Caroline said. Then, Bryan called for us to hold up. “Hey Casey, hey Caroline. Mind if In walk with you?” Bryan asked. I shrugged before we headed to class.

Jenna and her friends managed to get off the roof and was in the gym. “There she is! The brat who locked me out on the roof!” Jenna shouted as she pointed at me. “Is that true?” Coach Rogers asked me. “No. It isn’t.” Bryan butted in. “I asked her.” Coach Roger said staring at me. “She’s been hanging with us all day. She never locked them on the roof.” Bryan said. “You three.” He said turning to Jenna and her friends. “Don’t lie about a student. Since you didn’t show up to your first class, you’ll have to spend break making up work.” Coach Rogers said.

“But she did!” Jenna said. I smirked from behind Coach Rogers, glaring at her before hiding the face. I could tell she was about to snap, which gave me an idea. I giggled slightly as she walked by, making her snap. She jumped on top of me and started to punch me, and I started to act like I was pushing her away when I was just tightening my mussels. Coach Rogers pulled her off of me as I held my bloody nose. For some reason, I wanted to pick the blood. I resisted as Coach Rogers checked my nose.

“Why did you do that?” I asked, acting like I was about to cry, but was about to laugh on the inside. ‘Don’t play stupid nerd, you laughed!” Jenna said. “I didn’t hear her laugh.” Bryan said. “Me neither.” Caroline said. “Of course you two goody two shoes didn’t.” Jenna said.

“I didn’t hear one sound come out of her mouth. Now go to the office!” Coach Rogers said.

I went to my dorm and saw Jenna there, waiting for me with her friends. “Go ahead, hit me. I don’t care.” I said. I actually didn’t care. That day had been long and rough so I was tired and sore.

After she bruised my whole body, she left the dorm. I grabbed the sketchbook and some color pencils and continued to draw, but this time, it felt different when I drew. I felt a  weird feeling and felt like I was being watched.

I looked around and felt a chill coming from my bathroom. I got up and cautiously walked towards the bathroom. I saw a bottle of hair bleach and blue and purple hair dye.

Jenna probably got some hair dye for herself. Then, I looked in the mirror and looked at my brown locks. I smirked before picking up the bleach. I had an idea.

I went back over to my bed and went to sleep, excited for tomorrow. I woke up and made sure I grabbed the due homework, then quickly did my homework from yesterday.

I was walking in the halls, when I saw Caroline and Byran. “Hey.” I said. “Hey.” They both said as they waved. “Why aren’t you inside?” I asked. “The teacher didn’t show up. She said she was sick and the doors are locked.” Byran said. “Oh, well who is our sub?” I asked. “We don’t know.” Caroline said.

After and hour, the principal came and told the students the news. “We can’t find any substitute’s today so all of you will be off. All of the teachers are sick.” She said.

I went to town and entered a small shop. Our own was huge and the nearest store was ten miles away, so I stick with the tiny shop. I saw they had blackberry dye and had an idea.

I checked if Jenna was there, and sighed. I saw she had used the blue, but the purple was available. I bleached NY hair so it was blonde, and then dyed it blackberry black, then dyed my tips purple.

It looked good, and I was satisfied. I was drawing when I heard Jenna. “Hey brat! Why did you take my hair dye!?” Jenna asked. I acted like I couldn’t hear her before she grabbed my sketchbook.

She started to tear out my pages and rip them to shreds. “Hey!” I shouted. “That’s what you get for using my hair dye!” Jenna said. My anger build up as I heard a voice. “Kill her. Kill her.” It whispered softly. My body feel to the control of the words as I grabbed my color pencil and jumped at her. I was easily able to pin her down as I stabbed her should with the color pencil, breaking the pencil. She screamed as the blood ran down her arm. I snatched my sketchbook and grabbed my headphones out of the draws. Hurting Jenna felt amazing. I liked it. But I knew I would get in trouble for hurting her, and decided to leave it there. I slipped on my headphones as if nothing happen and continued to draw, listen to music. Jenna grabbed my foot, but my instinct ankled her in the nose and then kicked her back in the chest.

“Be glad I’m usually nice.” I said, knowing she was intimated by my attack. She cried as she ran out the door, making me feel strange. I realized she was about to try and find the principal, and knew the I needed to get out of there. I grabbed my sketchbook and phone, as well as my headphones, and decided to visit Christian.

I knocked on the door, it was late at night and the lights were off. Maybe they were asleep? I started to walk off she I saw Christian looking through the curtains of the living room. I waved and heard him run to the door.

I couldn’t say anything before being hugged by him. He had a bruise on his nose as I gave him a glare. “What?” He asked. “Did they hit you?” I asked. “Dad was drunk. You know that’s all they do.” He said. And the bad thing was he was right.

“I like your hair.” He said. I remembered I had dyed it and thanked him for the compliment. He invited me in and I saw that the house was a mess. I saw some red stains in the carpet and on the walls. “What’s that?” I asked, looking over at him. “Nothing. Mom and dad was really drunk that day and when they smashed me into the wall and I got a bloody nose.” He said.

“Dude! Listen to yourself! They abuse you, why do you stay here?!” I shouted. “You know they need someone to look after them.” He said.

“Whatever. Well I just came by to say hey.” I said before walking towards the door. I felt him grip my hand, hurting it a little as I looked back at him. “Please don’t leave. I need help here.” He said.

“Just get an apartment Christian. There’s no hope for them and we both know it. I tried, and you know what they did to me.” I said.

“Well then at least come with me to the store.” He said. It was dark and Christian had always been scared of the dark. Not because he was a baby, but because he had been attacked by a gang in the dark. He couldn’t even see who had attacked him, but he was attacked.

“Fine. If it helps you.” I said, making sure he knew I was doing for him and not our parents. We walked down to the store and I saw Caroline. “Hey Caroline.” Christian said with a friendly wave over to her. “Hey guys.” She said as she smiled and waved back.

“So what did you need to get here anyways?” I asked. “Just some bread and milk.” He said. I told him I was going to go talk with Caroline and he nodded.

“Hey Casey? Wanna have a movie night?” She asked as she held a new horror movie that came out. “Sure, but I need to help my big bro first. I’ll be over at ten.” I said. That would give me an hour to finish up my drawing and gather my stuff from the dorm room.

After walking with Christian to the house, I said goodbye and left before I could see our parents. I entered my dorm and saw Jenna with the principal. “There she is! She stabbed me with one of her color pencils!” Jenna shouted. I knew what this would mean if I was caught, my reputation to the teachers would drop.

“What? I didn’t stab you.” I lied. “Yes you did! If you didn’t then who did?” Jenna asked.

“I don’t know! But it wasn’t me!” I shouted in defense as I narrowed my eyes at her. “This isn’t something to mess around with Jenna.” The principal said. “But she did!” She insisted. “Go to the nurse’s office and get that cut handled with. I’m sorry Casey.” The principal said as she looked over at me.

“It’s okay ma’am.” I said as I got out of the way of Jenna. I laid my headphones and sketchbook down on my bed and went into the bathroom. I looked at the mirror and looked into my dark brown eyes. Even though I knew it was me in the mirror, I felt like In was looking at a while other person.

“Casey, are you okay?” The principal asked as she looked at me through the bathroom doorway. “Yeah. I just feel a little insulted by Jenna.” I lied, before I was directed over to my bed. “I’m sorry Jenna is acting like this. If I could, I would change your dorm. But you know why I can’t.” She said as we both sat on the side of my bed. “I know, no more rooms. It’s okay.” I said.

“Okay, well you have a good night. And try to deal with Jenna for tonight.” She said. I grabbed some color pencils and was about to work on my drawing, when I felt like drawing something else.

I let my hand take control as it drew a sketch of someone holding a knife. I drew the sketch of the hair, then the knife, and before I could color it in, I got a text from Caroline.

“Where are you?!” It said. I looked at the time on my phone and saw it was 10:15. I didn’t even text back before running out and toward her dorm. I ran into her room and took some breathes.

“Sorry! Lost count of time!” I said before gasping for air. I had ran down a two mile campus in less than five minutes, and grabbed the water she held out for ms. “It’s okay. Ready to watch the movie?” She asked as she held the disc. I nodded before plummeting on to her bed and gulping down the water.

We both watched the movie, both screaming at some parts and laughing when her roommate shouted for ufd to shut up.

I woke up on her floor and wondered to how to spend my weekend. I saw that Caroline was already up. Usually I would spend it drawing, but I didn’t feel like drawing. I walked to the cafeteria, knowing that it was closed, but needed to get some fresh air away from everyone.

I sat on top of a table, letting the beams of sunlight hit my face, but opened my eyes to hear a faint sound. It sounded like laughter, and then I realized what was happening. I felt something hit me in the back of the head before falling to the floor and turning to see Jenna, with her friends behind her. “I’m tired of you lying about me. First the roof, now the stabbing. If I get expelled from this school I’m making sure you’re dead first.” She said angrily.

The feeling from the night before rushed in before I was hit with a food tray on my cheek. Jenna had a cutting knife in her hands before her friends pinned me down. I tried to scream for help, but realized that it was just the four of us.

Jenna got on top of me and stabbed me in the chest. I screamed as she cut on my cheek an X. “Everyone hates you here. You don’t matter to anyone.” Jenna said before cutting another wound into my shoulder. I heard a teacher come by, and tried to scream. “Help!” I shouted before I lost too much blood to move.

I started to pass out as I heard a teacher screaming at them. I woke up in a hospital and saw Bryan, Caroline, and Christian on the sides of the bed rails. “Are you okay?” Bryan asked. My cheek that Jenna had cut an X on hurt much for me to tell him no. I shook my head no as he frowned. “They can press charges on Jenna if you want them to.” Caroline said. I shook my head no again. She might have tried to kill me, but I didn’t want to press any charge. I wanted revenge. Nothing bad, I wasn’t like that.

“Are you sure? She tried to kill you.” Bryan said. I shook my head yes and then saw Christian, looking at me funny. “Casey, your cheek. The doctor said that you would have that scar until you were in your Thirty’s.” Christian said. I felt the side of my cheek and felt my stitching and wound. I saw my phone beside me with my clothes and looked at my face with my  camera. I had a giant X shaped scar on my cheek and felt it again.

I smiled, liking the look. I took a picture for memory before sitting the phone back on the table beside me. “I got this so you would have something to do. I didn’t look at the drawings because I didn’t feel like invading your privacy. “Thanks.” I managed to say. I enjoyed the pain before looking through the sketchbook and saw my human sketch. He handed me my color pencils. I didn’t know what to do with the page and turned to a clean page, then sketched a broken heart that was leaking blood.

I remembered Jenna’s harsh words before she knocked me out. I growled at them, and felt like she was right. I colored in the heart, then drew the blood. “Hey, Casey, I need to go home. Make sure mom and dad is okay.” Christian said an hour later.

“I need to leave too.” Caroline said. Bryan also admitted he needed to leave as I nodded at all of them. I felt a weird feeling, about the sane as the past days. The inky difference was how some pains shot at a part of my body, and when it did, my body twitched. I felt a little hot as I took deep breathes.

I must’ve fell asleep after that because I woke up to beams of light coming from the curtains. A nurse came in and started to take out my medical equipment. “What are you doing?” I asked. “You’re able to leave now.” The nurse said. I put on my clothes and shoes on after I was allowed to get up.

I saw Caroline waiting for me in the waiting room. “Are you okay? They said that you wouldn’t be use to walking.” Caroline said. “I’m fine. Let’s go do something fun.” I said as I closed my sketchbook.

We went to her dorm room and watched another movie. I didn’t scream at any part for some reason. I enjoyed as the murderer was killing people. The blood. The screaming. It was an amazing site to me.

“What now?” I asked after the movie over. “How about boy? When will you tell Bryan you like him?!’ She asked. ” Tomorrow.” I said. When he had showed up at the hospital, I knew he liked me back. “Really?!” She asked, almost shouting it out. “Yeah, it looks like he likes me. I mean he showed up at the hospital and respected my privacy.” I said. I stopped the subject before I blushed.

Caroline got a text from someone as she pulled out her phone. “I’m invited to a party. And I can bring a guest.” She said. ‘Who’s hosting it?” I asked, trying to lean to see her phone. “Piper.” Caroline said. “I’m not going so don’t ask me.” I said. “I’m not either. She put you in the hospital.” She said. I felt so lucky with a friend that put me over anything.

The next day came and I looked for Bryan, but saw that I had to get to class. It was late, about five and I saw  Ryan at a vending machine.

“Hey Bryan!” I shouted over to him. “Hey Casey.” He said as he waved over to me. I walked over, really nervous as I fought the butterflies in my stomach. “Are you okay?” He asked. “Yeah, I….I need to tell you something.” I said nervously. “What is it?” He asked. “I like you. I really like you.” I said as I looked down. “Oh!” He said awkwardly. “Bryan?” I asked, looking up. “You’re a good friend, Casey. But I like someone else.” He said. My heart felt broken as I felt like dropping to my knees. “Casey?” He asked.

“Who is the girl you like?” I asked. “Actually, it’s Caroline.” Bryan said. I looked down and started to cry. I felt betrayed and humiliated as he called my name, asking if I was play. I ran off to my dorm, crying. “Casey, wait!” He shouted.

I didn’t look back at him. How could he love my best friend!? I felt rage along with the weird feeling I had when I stabbed Jenna, only twice as bad.

I needed to find Caroline, or I’d o crazy. I walked to her dorm, making sure I didn’t run into Bryan, as my vision snapped from black and white to color. It made me feel weird, but I ignored it.

I entered her room, and looked around. “Caroline? You here?” I asked. I saw she had left her phone on her bed and it was cut on. I ran over before it cut off and saw she was texting Piper and Cherry. The last two texts was what got my attention.

“Hey, you coming?” Piper texted. “Yeah, I’ll be there at five.” Caroline had texted. I dropped the phone and fell to my knees, crying. “Maybe she was talking about something else.” I manage to believe as I looked for the party address.

I saw it was in the café downtown and went there. I was at the door of the café and saw the lights were out. I looked at my phone and saw it was 5:30. They didn’t close until seven. I knew Piper was up to something and so I was stupid snout to walk in.

I was in the middle of the café when the lights cut on I was splashed with water. I wiped my eyes and saw who had splashed me. Caroline was there with a bucket as she laughed. “Caroline? How could you?” I asked. The feeling was so bad that my body twitched slightly. “Were you that stupid? Why would I be friends with a nerd like you?!” Caroline asked.

I ran out, and didn’t stop running until I got to my dorm. Too betrayed and angry to realize I was tired, I feel to my knees. I sobbed as I tasted my salty tears. The room with dark as I cried. “Kill them. Kill them all.” A voice said. Kill. The word was like candy to my ears, sweet and soft. I could feel as I went insane, and didn’t care. I wanted them all dead after hurting me. I hated them all.

I put on a green sweater with dark green spots and some jeans before heading to the cafeteria. I saw they had locked it being after school hours, and just smiled softly before kicking the glass, until it broke. I entered and went into the kitchen. I grabbed the steak knife and gave a smile only an insane person could pay off.

I knew exactly who I would kill first. Heartbreaker himself. I his the knife in a book bag left in the cafeteria and slipped it on my back.

I saw  Ryan at the gate and laughed quietly. “Hey Bryan.” I said happily. “There you are! I tried to find you but I couldn’t after you ran off.” He said.

“It’s okay. I need to show you something, could you follow me right quick?” I asked. “Sure. Anything for a friend.” He said.

I led him to behind the dumpsters and sat my book bag down. “What did you want to show me?” He asked.

“My knife I’ll kill you with.” I said insanely before taking out the knife and stabbing him in the stomach. He screamed in pain before falling to the ground in a pool of blood. “Casey?” He asked as he looked at me with terror in his eyes.

The look, the blood. It looked and felt amazing. For the first time in my life, I felt….happy. I looked at my knife with a smile and then at him.

I knelt down to his position and then stabbed the side off his neck. I smiled so , I yelped to my check hurting. Bryan’s corpse fell to the floor and his phone fell out of his jacket pocket. I took it and looked at my reflection through the screen. My stitchings had opened up so the X on my cheek was bleeding.

I knew who to go after next, and laughed off my insanity. I place my bloody knife and his phone in the book bag. I looked at his body and then the dumpster, then signed. It would make it a little harder to notice the death and so, I threw the body into the dumpster.

It was late out and I was in alleyway as I watched Caroline, Piper, and Cherry walked by to the campus. I grabbed Bryan’s phone and went to messages. “Hey Caroline, can you meet me at the dumpsters behind the school in five minutes?” I texted, pretending to be Bryan. “Sure.” She texted back before I laughed insanely.

It was midnight I was at the dumpsters and Caroline showed up. “You? What do you want?” She asked, like it was an insult. “To meet you here of course.” I said before showing her the bloody phone and opening my eyes, giving her an insane look. “Blood? Where’s Bryan?!” She asked. I walked closer to her so she could see me and my bloody self. “I killed him.” I said before grabbing her arm. She screamed and tried to run away. I pulled out my knife and stabbed her thigh, then the other. “Casey. I’m your friend remember?” She said. I laughed and then looked at her. “You could never be friends with a nerd like me. Bryan liked you, not me. I wanted to talk to you and realized that you went to the party, then you said that exact sentence.” I said before stabbing her chest and sliding the knife down to her torse, then cut an X on her chest. She screamed and cried of the pain as I laughed. I stabbed her skull and then pulled out her heart, still warm and besting, slowly dying out. I looked around and then ran to my dorm before someone could see me. I showered and washed the clothes I had on before, before looking in th e e mirror. My hair was a dark purple, that almost looked black, and my eyes had an insane look in it. I loved it.

I felt amazing, like I was free. I knew who to go after next. My parents. I put back on the clothes and walked off campus towards my house with my bloody knife in the book bag.

he door was open and I heard my mom scream at Christian. I stood at the doorway and listened. “You ungrateful brat! We made you and you won’t take a sip!” She shouted before hitting him with the beer bottle. I chucked the knife into her skull, scaring Christian. I walked into the room and grabbed the knife out of her skull, then cutted an X into her chest like I did with Caroline.

Dad came in and shouted at me before I walked over to him and stabbed him in the neck, then the skulk and cut an X in his chest. “Hey big bro.” I said looking over him like nothing happened. “You….you killed them.” He said as he backed away. “I did it for us. They were hurting you! They hurt us! Everyone hurt me! Except you! Don’t make me have to hurt you too big bro.” I said as I held up my knife. He ran for the phone and I chucked the knife at his skull. “You should’ve just said okay big bro.” I said to his dead corpse as I stood over his dead body.

  • IronMosquito

    Of all three of your stories, this was the worst. The grammar was devastating, and the plot was bland. 1 star.

    • Daniel Di Benedetto

      I’ve been reading your criticisms for some time now and I must say, I almost undoubtedly agree with you on everything, and it’s refreshing to see another person on this website that considers good grammar and punctuation important. My philosophy has always been that if you want to publish your writing on the internet, you need to accept that it is subject to criticism. If you’re going to publish a half-assed, unedited, sloppy piece of literature under your name- even if it’s slightly interesting- expect that there will be someone out there willing to tell you bluntly that your writing needs work. And in this case, a lot of it.

      • IronMosquito

        Finally, someone who gets it! I get a lot of hate by people who seem to be ignorant when it comes to factors such as grammar and punctuation, which are two very important parts of a story. Thanks for being rational, dude.

  • Puddin Tane

    I’m not going to waste my time reading it. The first sentence speaks for itself. And I notice you got one recommend. Why is beyond me. Your story makes no sense. You have them in their room when they start fighting and the next instant they’re suddenly outside? When and how did that happen? You said so when you stated that the character “locked Jenna out of the dorm. She was always forgetting her keys.” Scratch my head on that. Hmm. Yeah, ok. Back to the drawing board with you.