Careless Jocelyn

Author’s Note: Trigger warning! This includes disturbing themes.

Jocelyn was an average girl. But she had been diagnosed with depression and anxiety.She would often have thoughts of suicide and couldn’t breath. But that changed when she met Cari a girl well her best friend.

Cari had depression too so they often would help each other. Jocelyn and Cari worked together to keep each other from harming themselves. But Cari she didn’t last long.

Cari and Jocelyn had been best friends for so long. They promised each other something. They promised… to never leave or erase themselves from the earth.But Cari broke that promise.
She killed herself. This event caused Jocelyn to hurt herself more and more. But Jocelyn handy had a good school life anyway let alone a good home life.

At school Jocelyn often got into fights or was bullied. At home she would have to put on the responsibility of taking care of the family. Jocelyn mother was an alcoholic she often abused Jocelyn. Jocelyn had a little brother though. She cared for him with all her love.
She promised to stay strong for him.

That night when Jocelyn got home she ran up the stairs to avoid her mother. She closed her door and layed on her bed. She hated her life and herself. She blames Cari’s death on herself. She felt she wasn’t helpful enough.

Jocelyn then pulled on a black beanie and pulled it over her eyes. The beanie was Cari’s she kept it as something to remember her by. Jocelyn cried herself to sleep that night.

The next morning she got dressed in her usual outfit. A purple crop top with a white undershirt, a green skirt, black boots, and the black beanie. She looked over at her shelf where she kept her pills. She walked over and took each one of the many pills she had.

Once she was finished she walked down stairs to see her mother was gone and so was her brother. She figured her brother had gone to school so she just grabbed her backpack and headed to school herself.

She was at her locker in the empty hallway. She was late once again. As she tried to open her locker she heard a few familiar voices. She then only was pushed against the locker. “Hey Jocelyn,” a boy purred. He then looked over at her wrists to see they were scarred. He smirked, “Wanna come hang out with us?” he asked. Jocelyn was confused, “Are you serious?” she asked. The group of boys nodded.

She nodded. She had a bad feeling about it but she shook it off. She followed them into the woods? “Um… why the woods?” she asked. “Oh it’s just a place where no body can find us so we don’t get in trouble.” She nodded her anxiety filled her.

One of the boys handed her a cup, “Here ya go!” he says. She looked down in the cup to see what she thinks was alcohol? “Oh go ahead it not poisoned,” the leader of the group said. She nodded and took a few swigs. She soon started to feel dizzy. Everything faded to black.

By the time she woke up.The group of boys were gone. And she felt disgusting. She saw that a few pieces of her clothing were on the ground. She looked down to see her clothing was off. She fell to the grown and sobbed. “Why f*****g me… am I that easy of a target,” she cried out.

She put on her clothing and wanted to walk but she couldn’t. She cried more. “Don’t cry child,” a deep voice says. She looked up to see a tall man he looked slender and wore a suit. But what caught her attention was he had no face.

“But I was f*****g r***d… I am so dumb,” she cried. She bit her arms making herself bleed. But she was picked up by the man. “Don’t worry… you’ll get your revenge… but I will be back… just sleep,” she found his voice soothing.

She didn’t have a bad feeling. She felt safe. She soon fell asleep in the man’s arms.

She woke up in her bed. She looked over at her door way to see her mother. “Oh the sluts awake,” her mother commented. “You b***h…” Jocelyn muttered. “You better watch what you say to me young lady,” her mother spat. “And why should I?” Jocelyn asked. “Because this is why,” her mother walked over and pointed a gun to her daughter’s head. “I’ll shoot you straight.”

Jocelyn wasn’t scared. No she didn’t care if she was shot. She didn’t care if she had died right then and there. She just stayed silent. Her mother walked out of the room leaving her alone.

Jocelyn cried more as she took out a knife. She held out her wrists and dragged the blade across her skin watching herself bleed. She cut over new scars and old scars. She didn’t feel a thing she just stared at her arms as they bled. She moved onto her stomach. She cut a few cuts on her side and watched herself bleed. She then slit her thighs. She watched as a bunch of blood poured from her body. She then started crying realizing the fact she was r***d and felt disgusting.

“Someone f*****g kill me! Shoot me!” she screamed out. Her mother ran up the stairs and busted the door open. “Shut your a*s up!” She screamed. “F**K YOU,” Jocelyn screamed. Her mother pulled out the familiar gun and held it to her head. “GO AHEAD F*****G SHOOT ME!”

Her mother then pulled the trigger. With a loud bang Jocelyn fell to the floor. Her mother laughed as she walked down the stairs.

Her mother grabbed Jocelyn brother and walked out the door. “Mommy… why are we leaving jocee?” her son asked. “Jocee didn’t wanna come… she didn’t care anyway,” her mother says.

*Many hours later*

Jocelyn layed motionless on her bedroom floor.She twitched a moment before sitting straight up. She breathed deeply, “How di-” she was cut off. “I revived you… you are gonna come to a place where you belong,” he says. Without saying anything she was teleported to a mansion. And that’s where her real life begun.

Author’s Note: Hope ya like it…! Well depressed I mean.