Breathless Part 1

In 1943 in Berlin Germany, a small group of scientists ran biological test as a part of the covert operation “Fallen Snow” The job had been fairly simple test compound B8x on the unsuspecting patients and document the bodies reactions. The first dose of gas was administered to the patients, while the scientists stood behind an unbreakable glass window.

At first the reactions were common, trouble breathing, muscle cramps, head aches etc. After the test was found to have no fatal results another gas was added to the room compound XA. The mixture of gasses were sure to cause fatal lung failure but nothing happened. No coughing, trouble breathing, no relations at all. In fact the patients had quit speaking all together.

Only communicating to each other with written messages it was difficult to see what was happening. After two days of the patients being left inside two scientists were sent in to speak to the patients. “How are we feeling today?” They all looked into the eyes of the scientists, lifeless, cold gazes. “Leave us.” They said in unison, their gazes still set on the scientists. “Now now we can’t do that.” They began to slowly mumble under their breath. “We are hungry.” They all said looking at each other. “Oh well we can bring you a small ration of soup.” They all laughed staring at the scientists. “That won’t be necessary.”

They jumped one of the men clawing at his mid section until his intestines were visible. They began to take large chunks of the man and eat it. Still staring at the other scientist. Terrified he pulled out his emergency pistol and shot three out of four patients. “WHAT ARE YOU?!” He stood staring at the man with cold eyes. “Can’t you see, we are you.” He said with a smile on his face. “AND WHAT ARE WE TO YOU FREAKS?!”

He said gun pointed at the man, he hit it to the ground throwing the man against the wall blood now dripping down his head. “MONSTERS!” He said as he put two fingers of his right hand and two of his left hand into the scientists mouth, pulling untill the head of the man was torn in half. He drunk the gushing blood that was coming from his neck. At that moment the door was sealed once again, leaving that man all alone.

The experiment was long abandoned after the incident. It’s now the year 2017, my team of investigators was sent in to see if any medical documents, or vital information was left behind. My team consisted of four members our names are unimportant.

Our van arrived outside the compound, an abandoned two-story building, broken windows, graffiti, the usual. We entered through the main door of the facility, covered in rust, the age of this place was obvious. After about three minutes of us trying to figure out the door code we successfully guessed the correct code.

The door cracked open the smell of rot, and decay leaking out. I walked to the back of our van and found four gas masks, “Ok guys, this was a gas testing facility, there could still be pockets of it inside so our best chance to stay alive is to wear our gas masks.” They all laughed. “There’s no way gas is left in there man, gas masks are pointless.”

Everyone nodded their heads agreeing with the statement. I pondered for a while before saying something I’ll always regret. “Fine you guys don’t have to but I am.” I said as I began to put on the gas mask. As we entered those doors, I felt wrong. As though something wasn’t right, ignoring my gut feeling, I led the way.

It was dark and wet, and the smell of rot, decay, and blood filled my lungs. “Jesus Christ, what happened here, what’s that smell?” I told them the story of the patients attacking the scientists and eating their remains. None of them believed me. “Are you crazy? No way that any of that happened. I think that gas mask is cutting of circulation to your brain.” They said as they laughed at my expense.

I wanted to argue but I hadn’t orders. “Real or not keep your eyes peeled…This doesn’t feel right.” They nodded, still smirking at the story I had told. We walked to the first room that had an opened door. Room X79BV. I told them to check the next few rooms, I could search this one, they obliged. It was a small room with no windows, or toilet. A desk sat in the middle of the room, judging by the condition of the drawers it has been used quite a bit.

I opened the top drawer it was empty, not a surprise. I opened the next drawer and found an old folder covered in grime, and dust. In fact it was stained with blood , who’s I don’t know but I knew it was recently stained. The color was still light, as though it happened today. That feeling came again, like every fiber of my being wanted me to tell my squad that we needed to leave. But I was a soldier then, I still believed in orders.

  • slaughter4laughter

    Cool story, i really look forward to read rest of the parts too

    • Thee Miller

      Likewise as the story was really good and left at a horrible spot.