Bloody Joy

The gushing of liquor from the bottle was all I could hear. Even though the music which was playing could be heard from a mile away. It was new year’s eve and everyone was drinking their problems away. My head was still pounding from all the work I had to do in the office and my co-workers though that it might be great to hit the club for a few drinks as it was new year’s Eve. Being the new guy on the block, I just went with it. A few drinks in I started to get a little drunk but sober enough to drive.

All of the sudden, came this couple which walk up to me and bought me a beer. They said that they were from out of town and were just here because of the new years. They bought me a beer and we talked till late at night. By this time, I was just wasted then they asked me if I wanted to come over to their place and I accepted their offer. The place which they were staying was fancy hotel which indicated that they were rich. I got on the elevator and went straight to their room. This is when things started to get dark. As they brought me to a hidden room behind their closet. My heart started to pound but I started to hear noises like someone was being tied up in the next room.

What happened next was something out of a fifty shades book, the person tied up in front of me was naked and tied up in a b*****e way. The excitement soon got to me. But, things soon went a turn for the dark as the couple handed me a sharp blade and ask me to stab the person in front of me. I was trembling at the notion of stabbing at person but what they whisper to me next sends chills down my bones. They said, “It was either it or you,” and with those words my hands without knowing it stabbed that person straight in the chest.

As his blood warm blood came rushing out of his body something in me just clicked and continued stabbing as it gave me a sense of enjoyment. Once I was done stabbing, I kept staring at that motionless body covered in blood with this excitement in myself that this might be fun.

  • ShYgUy

    Hmm… not much here story wise, just a strangers account of a murder he committed, and apparently enjoyed.

    Next time try developing your characters more. We don’t know who this guy is, therefore we feel nothing for him.

  • Stephanie Reynolds

    I would agree with ShYgUy. I love the concept, fairly original, just slow down and develop everything and everyone to get three depth we’re looking for. Great start!