Blind Man

In Berlin, after World War II, money was hard to earn, food supplies were low, and people were starving. At that time, there was a young woman who saw a blind man breaking through the crowd. She asked “Where you headed? How can I help you?”. The man then asked her, “Can you give this letter to my friend?”. She read the address and agreed.

After walked a few steps, she turned to ask if there was anything else the blind man needed but too late. The man was already rushing through the crowd surprisingly without glasses or cane. She became suspicious, so she went to the police.

When police conducted an investigation into the address on the envelope, they found a terrible thing, three butchers cutting up human flesh and sold them to hungry people at a low price.
And what was in the envelope the blind man? A note which simply said “This is the last meat I can give you today.”

  • Sozu Newa

    Awesome one.

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    I really like this one

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    He smart

  • yes hello this is dog

    This one is short but scary! Stab and a half 🙂

  • Gobble76

    I dont get it? Can someone help me?

  • Jed

    3/5 Chilling story with a nice twist.

  • Aly Greg

    Short and straight! Little you did know it’s strikingly creepy