ATK is a fictional game and is not existing as of now.

I was on the computer, looking for something less than $20 on eBay. I didn’t care about what was on there, as long as it peaked my interest. After searching for half an hour, I found what looked like a game for the Xbox One X, called ATK. I never heard of a game by that name, and it was free. I decided to get it and wait 4 days.

4 days later I had received the package – rather, case – containing the disc. The case had a picture of what looked like a 10-year-old kid wearing a red hoodie, with black hair and a glowing orange eye. He appeared to be wielding a sword engulfed in flames. There was a note that said “Play at your own risk”. I really didn’t care about the note and inserted the disc into my Xbox One X. Once the game booted up, I saw some beginning credits. What surprised me was that the developer had gone indie, but had permission from Sega and Nintendo to use their sounds. Then the title screen appeared and the Sonic 3 title screen music played. I had no idea what to do, and ended up just jumping straight into the game. I was in the middle of the tutorial when my father had walked into the room. He asked me what I was playing, and I told him about the game. I even told him about the eBay stuff. He didn’t really care about the type of game it was, he just wanted to know what it was. By that time, I had completed the tutorial and was ready to move on. Besides the tutorial, the game started off fairly easy. It wasn’t Syobon Action – hard, but it was hard enough to make the player rage after around 20 tries, but that was only my guess.

After a while, I had found what seemed to be a card. The game then told me about it, and I picked it up. The character took it in a Sonic Spinball style (Collecting the Emeralds in Sonic Spinball?). It was at that moment I had started to regret it. As soon as the animation had stopped, static had appeared and made me jump. When the static finished, what looked like a corrupted world had appeared. I soon realized I was at 1 HP. The game must have taken away most of my health during the static. The character I was controlling (the character on the case), had appeared startled, to say the least, at what had just happened. After that, I could control him again.

After I had gotten to the boss, which wasn’t too far away, surprisingly, more static had appeared, but instead of killing me, it healed me, which confused me. The static wasn’t gray, but green, and after thinking about what had just happened, I understood. I attempted the boss battle, and almost died, with 4 HP left after I beat him. After that, I moved on to the next stage, but it wasn’t as friendly.

Stage 2 had rapidly increased the difficulty, with loads of enemies. The weird appearance with the static had stayed the same, but this time, the static was red. I had assumed it would make me lose a life, but instead, it appeared to make things… Demented, to say the least.

At that moment, I was scared right out of my mind, because the gore I had seen was tremendous. My father was surprised as well. I had told him this was not what I had expected. After playing a while, I had randomly died. My mouth had opened in shock. I was completely confused by what had happened. By the time I had respawned, it told me I was at the “Secret Level”. The secret level was just as creepy as any other level so far.

The Secret Level had what sounded like the first stage of Sonic.EXE playing. This had me spooked so much, I almost crapped myself. I managed to hold it in until an image of what looked like a .EXE popped up. It was the main character. A message below said “You could’ve avoided this.” To be honest, I was happy that it didn’t say “You’ve met with a terrible fate, haven’t you?” It got old. But I was still spooked nonetheless.

After that, I had recieved a Game Over, and the game returned to the title screen, except it was playing the US Sonic CD Game Over song. I immediately shut the game off, and made a fire outside, the disc in the case being the firewood. I had went back inside to realize the game had infected my xBox One X too…




All events that had happened in the story are entirely fictional.

  • JDWintony

    ATK follows the same outline of most “haunted video game” creepypastas. It’s written with enough competence to keep the reader going, but the actual content of the story was severely lacking.

    The most compelling imagery is covered up by basic descriptions. I would suggest the author describe the gore, the dementia, the crazy stuff they’re seeing rather than simply mention it. H.P. Lovecraft proved that less is more when it comes to monsters, but the reader still needs something to go off of.

    I would also scrap the mention of specific soundtracks. It’s done to death but, more importantly, it presumes the reader can imagine the sound on their own. Stepping away to look up the piece breaks immersion.

    I think the game also needs more menace. Clearly, it’s a horror show, but it doesn’t seem to have any effect on the world beyond the Xbox. It’s less scary and more confusing than anything. Why would someone make this game? What is the danger? Why would you warn someone against playing it (gore alone isn’t a good enough reason, I know plenty of people who would love to get their hands on something like that).

    All criticism aside, this was still competently written. It didn’t satisfy me, but it’s not boring, illegible or devoid of entertainment. I thank the writer for at least being able to publish something that didn’t sound like it was written on his mom’s phone.