A voice shakes you into reality
It’s just your name. You’re just a name.
The way it sends chills up your spine is insanity
You clutch your hair, “Please stop this game.”

Every word reverberates off the walls of the prison
The metal bars have rusted with the echoes of your screams
Driven by madness, your mind is a chasm
Your bloodstained hands will never be clean.

The voice hovers like acid in the air
You’d forgotten what your name tastes like
It’s the source of your fears and your nightmares
It’s just a faded shadow hidden behind bright lights.

She stretches her hand out and grips you by the throat
Agony is the way she learned to smite
Stripped you bare of your heart and your oath
All that’s left of you, is your name coated with the echoes of the night.

You know she’s taken every prisoner, left bare carcasses
And now it’s your turn
The sun glimmers and turns your skin into ashes
The ritual has only just begun.

No one will hear the footsteps down the hallway
They’re all consumed by sparks of electricity
She drags you by the neck against the soft light of day
Her only mark is the hole in the prison bricks.

Your eyes are barely open as purple blotches line your spine
Ravenous teeth of hellhounds devour your skin
She snidely whispers, “Bloody mary” three times
Her hand on your head, a jolt of electricity, and two black holes where your eyes should’ve been.

You plead not guilty, that it was just a joke
The inmates, your friends, are a pile of bones in the corner
Your final words and the sun are choked
But there’s bliss in knowing this will be the last of her tortures.

All you are, is the rusted blood
Smeared on the decaying walls
Crunched bones mixed with mud
The only thing on your graveyard is a worn out doll.

He walks into the asylum, his eyes wide
As he reads the wall, “You’re free.”
And he struggles against the ropes that have bound him tight
The doll cackles, “Leave it to me.”

  • Dark_Temmie


  • Desere√© Lizbeth Smith

    Very ominous and dark. You just need to put punctuation at the endings of sentences.
    Other than that? Your piece was great! I hope this is a start to a series?

  • Ani Dimieva

    Fantastic! I love the way this poem has been written.

  • Creeper

    Don’t get it

  • Secret_Sociopath

    A beautifully dark and ominous piece, I love it, hope this gets turned into a series of some sort because you can really work with it, cant wait to read more like this