Ari Asylum 2

Ari Asylum

September 12 12:34 pm 2015

“We got a close in on the the countless murders at 401 Gimmicks road.” the static police radio announced. “Any police around get there now!”

“Finally ill get revenge for my brothers death.” Officer Jenkins thought out loud . His tires came to a screech as he slammed the brakes at the reports of an teenage lunatic. That’s when the SWAT team came out of the small house with a young blonde hair boy, who had a huge smile across his face. You could see countless bullet holes in his chest, but he kept his smile.

They all returned to the police station to interrogated the young child. The press was every where you look asking questions left and right.

“Let me interrogate him sheriff.” Jenkins asked

“Fine, but keep your cool.” he answered

Jenkins rushed into the interrogate room where the boy sat.

“I demand my lawyer, I know my rights, I’ve seen the movies!” Ari said as sarcastic as possible.

“You don’t have any rights, so lets get started…” Troy, the other officer who was also interrogating the boy, was saying until cut off.

“Why did you do it?” Jenkins asked.

“”Im innocent i tell you.” he said swinging his fist in the air

“This is not a joke dammit! You f*****g killed my brother you a*****e!” Jenkins screamed and slammed his fist on the table.

“Calm down Jenkins.” troy said.

“Wait…wait…wait…who is your brother again?” Ari asked.

“Why you!” Jenkins screamed and pulled his gun and fired twelve rounds.

“Look who lost their cool!” ari said

“What the f**k are you?” troy asked

“That’s right it was Ben I think, he did the exact thing.” Ari said unaffected by the bullets.” he had that same expression, scared s**t less.”

“Are you even human?”troy asked in both fear and astonishment.

“No, Im God! Hahahaha” he said laughing.

“Can you die…?” Jenkins asked

“Yes.” he answered seriously, a few seconds past until bursting out laughing “at least I think!”

“How did you kill every single person in the asylum?” troy asked

“I played chase and if they got scared I cut them up into tiny pieces. If they didn’t want to play chase. I showed them a magic trick, you know the one with swords in the box but for some reason I just couldn’t do the trick right.” Ari said recalling the night he murder countless victims.

The door swung open and a pretty doctor walked in.

“Hi Im Dr.Bresd, Im a therapist, may I speak to Ari alone please.”

“Fine.” troy answered for him and Jenkins.

As soon the they left the doctor stared her exam with questions about his parents.

Ari felt a tight pain in his chest, at the mention of his mother. She was the only one who ever cared for him, and it wad his fault she was dead.

“Why did you kill every one?” she asked ” was it the result of your mother death?”

“Quit crying, you baby and kill this b***h and lets get going.” The dark voice said, Ari had no idea where he came from, but he believes that he is Satan.

“Im working on it.”Ari said out loud

“Working on what?” Dr.Bresd asked in confusion.

“Getting in your pants.”Ari quickly answered.

“You should not talk like that.” she said blushing,” next question…”

“Well time to go” Ari interrupted as he stood up with the cuffs undone and walked to the Dr. and slit her throat with his knife, the blood came rushing out. Ari felt that same fuzzy feeling as he made painting with the women’s blood. One painting showed him walking out killing every one.

When the metal door swung open bullets flew rapidly into his chest. He smiled he knew it was going to be fun, like at the asylum, where every room held a blood filled present, some were easy some was challenging but the result was the same, they all were open.

“Die you son of a b***h!” Jenkins screamed as he fired all his bullets in his gun, then bullets came from every direction. Ari’s lifeless body hit the ground.” We got him.” Jenkins walked towards the boys lifeless body.

Then laughter came from the body “Hahahaha, got you!” he jumped up and swung his knife back and forth, slicing Jenkins into pieces. More bullets came flying towards him but Ari knew he couldn’t withstand anther round like that but he smiled like a kid at a carnival saying” Come on guys you could do better than that!”, although he could heal fast and doesn’t feel pain he was still human at least he thought. He dodged every bullet that came his way. Killing each person one by one, the whole station was like a blood bath, when he finshed he just smiled and said ” Well that was fun.”

“You f*****g idiot!” the voice said


“You may not be able to be killed, but you could take alot of pain which would put you in a state of sleep. You dumbass.”

“I know.”

He walked out then he heard a women’s voice…it…was his mothers it said ” Son you are immortal you cant die, why do you live this way?”

“Mom I…I…I’m just doing what I want to do.” Ari answered sad and happy to hear his mom soothing voice.

“What’s your goal, for doing this?”she asked

“To have fun.” he answered

Her voice disappeared, that was the first time he has heard his moms voice since her murder, that he was blamed for. He knew he was immortal, all they had to do was cut up every single limb into tiny pieces and separate them, duh.

Ari just walked down the road wondering what caused him to kill was it his father always abusing him or was it the man who killed his mother, people say it was his father but it wasn’t.

Quit asking yourself questions and lets go. The voice said.
K. He thought as he walked down the street leaving a trail of blood. The voice was more like a father then his own. My goal is to kill my real dad.   Three days later  later

As Ari walked into a house three miles from the police station. He watched as a family of four or more got out of their car it looked as the father was arguing with the mom.

Ari headed out the front door, the mother screamed as the father rushed to the bleeding Ari aid. Ari was ready to kill.

He swung his knife in the mans gut blood spilled out then the voice of his mother said”stop Ari ,just stop.”

“Shut up, shut up!” Ari screamed as his left eye socket cried out blood.

Then Ari attitude changed from his usual insane happy self to an angered lunatic he walked to the other family members as the stood there in shock and he just stabbed each one back and forth.

When the mother and children bodies dropped dead Ari began to walk inside to the kitchen and grabbed every knife they had and stabbed himself, and left each blade in his body. “Why doesn’t it hurt dammit?” he screamed

But then his happy usual insane self returned. “Oh well time to find new playmates.”

“Your a f*****g retard.” the voice said

“Thank you, for being a D**K.”

  • Jessica

    I love the story of Ari Asylum up to now

    • 4everFeared

      Sorry it was not finshed on accident I push summit

  • Liz Booz

    It’s painful to read sorry

  • Stephen White

    The voice of his mother, is the voice of guilt, and the voice of sanity.