The sun was bright and warm, something Amy wishes she could see and feel. Amy always had felt trap and caged was a child, her mother yelling at her to study and making her do all of the chores in the house making it look like f*****g Cinderella. Then there was her father leaving early and coming home late drunk and having a fading scent of perfume that she knew wasn’t her mother’s. Amy was told with her were to leave her home she would be punished, and Amy was scared of the type of punishment their were talking about so she obey them. She was their puppet that they can control.

Until April 22 when her mother had fell asleep when she was going to have a test on the topic her mother was teaching her on. When seeing the sight of her mother asleep she smiled with joy knowing she would be able to go outside to see the real world for the first time. Opening the door slowing and stepping out and closing the door slowly. As her Grey flat dress had moved side to side by the breeze. She felt the wind going though her long hair which was dark as the night shy. She walk across the block trying to make sure to not forget where her house was. She was walking and walking until she saw teenagers in a grassy filled with a big star inside a circle. Amy didn’t know what was happening but she went forward and went behind a brick wall and listen closely to what they were saying.

As Amy listen she didn’t understand what they were saying it was all gibberish to her. As she listens more she noticed that the repeating the same word. And Amy repeated the words thinking it was funny. She look up to the sky and found out it was almost sunset she knew when she came back home she will be in trouble. Amy ran as fast as she could to home before her mother had woken up. She hesitantly open the door slowly and peek through to only see her mother still sleeping. A sigh relief escaped her lips as she slowly when turn mother to wake her up. As she was about to touch her mother her mother had grabbed her wrist. That’s when Amy knew her mother was awake all this time. And she was angry. Her mother begins to yell and yell Amy when she stopped and grabbed her by the hair making her little bow on top fall.

Her mother puts her in this room and close the door waiting until her husband came back. 2 hours pass by and Amy was starting to get hungry due to the fact that he had missed lunch and dinner. She heard the main door open and begin to think that her father had come back drunker than ever she heard her mother yell at her father complaining that she had left and he should be with her. Amy was trembling at the thought of being hit and yelled. The door begins to open slowly, and saw a silhouette of a man who was her father. He yelled and screamed at her as he begun to kick her in the stomach, legs, arms, and head. As he yelled saying that she was worthless b***h and wish she was never born and when he was finished she remembered the words that the teenagers have said, and repeated the words hoping to seek comfort. As she said it the six-time she begin to black out.

She woke up in the woods barefooted and her dress ripped at the ends and the tips of her sleeves. She wondered why she was here until she saw a wooden cabin in the corner of her eye and ran to it hoping the people inside could help her. She knocked on the door to find it open already she hesitantly stepped in the house.

“Hello, is anyone home” she said shyly but loud.

She suddenly has urge to use the bathroom and search the house for one. When she found it she looked in the mirror which was body sized and our eyes widen and she saw a horrible creature I replace her own in the imagery. She had lost her beautiful baby blue eyes and replaced with Hollow and black ones, has long beautiful waterfall hair has been cut horribly up to her shoulders,her pale white shin had become a light and more dead like, her straight and white teeth has been replaced with many small and sharp teeth that looks like could tear into a human body, and her soft little hands has been replaced with long and unhuman like hands with her fingers being sharp as knife. She still horror as she saw this creature and memories for the back on what happened during that night.

She began to remember the gory images of killing her father, as she remember him yelling as she digs inside of his organ’s making jokes about him cheating with his wife and her mother. Then later play with his organs right next to his dead body with her ending her fun time with her stuffing his organ’s in his mouth. She got up and walking slowly to her mother’s room softly giggling to herself of the thought of killing her mother. When she reach her destination she slowly open the door and slowly walked in. When she saw her mother sleeping peacefully and got angry of how she could sleep so peacefully when she’s basically tortured her daughter. She grabbed her mother by the hair as a wake-up call and threw her to the wall. She began to taught her mother saying the ways she could kill her. Her mom’s bloody screams and begging made her mad even more as she begins to walk up to her. She grabs her by the hair to slice her neck with her sharp fingers decapitating her head. She sees her spine and slowly takes it out causing the whole skeleton to come off. She drops the skin covered meat and begins to laugh manically. She snaps out of her daydream and look at herself in the mirror once more.

“That was fun!” She says surprisingly and begins to walk of the wooden house.”I would be happy to do it again,” she said as a menacingly grin appeared in her face.

  • Bonnie Manz

    This story needs to be edited. I couldn’t finish it because the grammar and punctuation is so bad.

  • Jacqueline Williams

    Totally agree with Manz. Needs editing like yesterday. I did however finish reading the whole thing and was left with so many questions. Bottom line is, if this story could be edited and rewritten with more thought, it could be good.

  • teresa robinson

    I definitely agree about the grammar. I also feel like this type of story has been waaaayyyy overdone, with few actually being successful. Just my opinion…