Am I Alone?

It was a casual night. I walked along the streets my purse in hand. I was on my way to my new house. The soothing sound of my heels made me go in deep thought.

“Click clack click clack,” was all I heard. I suddenly bumped into something, wait no someone. It was a man as tall as a lamp-post. He had no face. He just looked down at me with no eyes. The people around look at me weirdly as I apologized to the man, not to the thing. I continued walking his face stuck in my mind.

I got to my apartment and stared in horror. Someone had been in my house and unpacked everything. I took of my heels, and as I walked around I still heard the “click clack” of them. I decided to shrug it off and walked to my room.

“Click clack click clack,” I hopped on my bed and decided to sleep, but I couldn’t sleep. Every time I closed my eyes that things face was stuck in my mind!

I woke up to a noise, it was laughter, a baby’s laughter. I got up and as soon as my foot hit the ground “Click”. I felt a chill go down my spine I quickly went to my desk and grabbed a flash light.

“Click Clack Click Clack!”

As I exited my room and turned my flashlight towards the end of the hall. There stood a crib, the laughing coming from it. I took a step towards it.

“Click!” It disappeared, I turned around and there stood a middle-aged women holding her laughing baby. I was going to touch the baby when she screamed. She ran down the hall her feet bare but made that same sound, “Click clack Click clack.”

I ran for the door to leave but it was locked, window locked, back door locked, every window locked and I couldn’t unlock them! I frantically screamed and pulled at the door! I then grabbed a bat and ran at a window. I hit it so hard it should have smashed and it did. But then as I pulled the bat in the window was back together when I looked up. I screamed again calling for help!

I ran to my room again and grabbed my phone. It was dead and right by it lay my charger. It was cut in half. I fell to the ground crying. I then felt a hand rubbing my back in a circular motion. It was the man as he cried tears of blood. I wanted to run away but I couldn’t I was paralyzed. I just sat there crying!

Then the man stood up with a knife in hand. He then said, “I wish I were you…” and stabbed me.

All of the sudden I was floating in a black obis. All alone. I heard his voice again and it said,

“Your not alone!”

  • Matthew Serpas

    Amazing story. Good job keep it up

    • Dark loneliness

      Shes always had a good way of thinking of what to write.

  • Dark loneliness

    Good writing ariel 🙂