Always Listening

It all started when… well when I turned about 5 or so. One night as I was drifting off to sleep. I heard heavy breathing, I was horrified. As I looked up, I saw a pale little boys face stare at me. His eyes we’re tiny and blank but I knew he was looking at me staring. His mouth was in a large frown with blood dripping down onto me. He was wearing a blue striped old dirty ripped pajama top and shorts that were covered in dirt and grime. He just stared and breathed.

It happened the same every night until I turned 10 then he would float around the room knocking stuff down. But everytime, he would come over bend down and whisper in my ear, “I’m always listening,” then laugh hysterically. He would then slam the door open and I could hear two adults screaming at each other. One male one female. Then they would come stomping to my bedroom door and pick up the boy. He would then scream and I could hear a small CRACK as his limp body fell to the ground and I could hear the adults mock his dead body. But they would come to my bedroom door and just stare with the same blank eyes, then I would wake up but this time it wasn’t a dream.