A Meet I Will Never Forget

I was sitting in my room reading Creepypastas online. I love all of the Creepypasta stories, including Jeff, Slendy, Ticci Toby, and more. I was always bad at acting good. I hated my neighbors and hoped Smile Dog would finish them off. I was always sending a picture of him to them at night, but to my disappointment they called my parents the very next day. My parents didn’t care though, thank goodness for that, and my older brother just ignored me like most brothers do to their younger sisters. They didn’t care what I did. My father was a writer and my mom was an artist. My brother was already making plans to go to college. One night I decided to go out into the woods to see if I could find Slenderman.( I know…childish right?) Well that was me always trying to prove that they were real. Now, time and time again I tried to see if Ben was real, but when I played Majora’s Mask nothing ever happened to me. So, I figured that all the Creepypasta stories were fake. I still like to find out for myself though. As I went out the door, I called to my parents and told them I would be gone for a while. I heard my dad typing away on his typewriter and my mom getting extra paint from the storage closet. “Okay. Be back before breakfast.” “Okay Mom.” I rolled my eyes.

Since my mom is an artist, she always has some extra paint lying around. I grabbed some glow in the dark paint before I left and went outside. I gathered some rocks from the garden and a flashlight from the shed. I felt like someone was watching me, so I shone the flashlight in the darkest parts of the shed just to be sure. I grabbed the glow in the dark paint and started painting the rocks with it. When I was sure they were dry I gathered them in a bag and set off for the woods. As I made my way into the woods, I started setting down glow in the dark rocks. I continued to explore until I found a large flat rock that I made into a resting place. I was getting tired. “I guess there’s no harm in resting for a few minutes.” As I started to doze off, a rustling noise woke me up. I darted straight up and looked at my watch. “Oh no! I was planning on being home an hour ago! I lost track of time!” The rustling continued as I started back on the path of rocks. I started to grow fearful as the rustling noise got louder and closer.

I always keep a pocket knife with me at all times. I pulled it out and turned around ready to confront whoever it was, but when I turned around I found none other than Slenderman himself. As I stared, I found that there was someone behind him, no two people. A man in a white hoodie and a man in a black hoodie wearing a blue mask. I had come face to face with Slendy, Jeff, and Eyeless Jack! I was so shocked that I was at a loss for words. Finally after a while, Jeff spoke. “As you probably already know my name is Jeff, Jeff the Killer.” I nodded, still not being able to say anything. “This here’s Slenderman and that’s Eyeless Jack.” I finally work up the nerve to speak. “W-what brings y-you to me?” This time Eyeless Jack speaks. “Well, we’ve been watching you for a while now.” “Why me?” “Slendy here thinks you’d make a good proxy. Me on the other hand thinks you look kinda weak. Jeff’s thinking the same thing.” “W-why would you want me? I’ve never killed anyone.” Jeff spoke up. “Well, I guess that’s going to change tonight.” Jeff smiled wider than usual.

As I just stood there dumbfounded Jeff started to lead me in a direction I knew well, back to my house. “You’re seriously not going to make me kill my family are you!?” Jeff started laughing. “You’ve read all of our stories haven’t you? Well, in most of them our parents are either killed by us or something else. In order for you to become one of us, you have to get them outta the way.” “And if I refuse?” “Well, now that you’ve seen us we’re probably going to kill you if you refuse.” “I-I’ll do it. What about my brother?” “We kill him too of course! No witnesses.” I dread every step on the way back to my house. I enter the house silently, as to not alert them. I make my way into the kitchen and grab a steak knife. My parents are usually in the study room working. I crept into the study hiding the knife behind my back. “Hey sweetie, back already?” I continued stepping closer gripping the knife hard behind my back. “Yep, I’m back.” Finally, when I was close enough to them I lunged at them with the knife and stabbed repeatedly. They twitched for a moment, but then they were still. I was wide eyed and gasping for breath when I finished. I heard clapping behind me. Jeff was standing there. “Very well done. Slendy didn’t even have to get into your mind like he did Toby.” “That…actually felt good. What about my brother?” “I took care of him. I haven’t killed in a whole day and I was itching to kill someone.” I just watched my parent’s lifeless bodies for a while before Slenderman came to get me. Since he didn’t have a face he didn’t talk much. He beckoned for me to follow. I followed him outside where Jeff and Eyeless Jack were waiting.

“Well kid, welcome to the family.”

  • KTM๐Ÿ˜ˆ๐Ÿ”ซ

    Honestly when you were discribing yourself I realized we have soooo much in common

    • Megan

      I think you have many things in common with the character. My life does not connect with any of the story.

      • KTM๐Ÿ˜ˆ๐Ÿ”ซ๐Ÿ˜จ๐Ÿ˜จ๐Ÿ˜จ

        Oh ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚well I really loved the story

  • Alexia Steveson

    Has anyone else noticed that the family killing thing is necessary for killer pastas nowadays?

    • rafif arkan

      Yeah, why does family-killing pastas always gets popular tho, I get bored when reading it.

      • Alexia Steveson

        I WILL MAKE DA FAMILY SAVING PASTA! I am actually working on that

        • rafif arkan

          Looking forward too see it, suggestion too not make it a happy ending.

          • Alexia Steveson

            It’s not happy. Not very. The family lives. That’s all I’m saying.

          • Megan

            Looking forward to reading it.

          • Alexia Steveson

            I hope it gets published soon. I try to make my pastas in one go because… I don’t know why I just do. And sometimes I have dif inspiration too

          • Megan

            Yeah, it’s hard to come up with good stories. This was my first story ever. I’ve never written a story before this. It was a little difficult to come up with.

          • Alexia Steveson

            It was really good though. No grammar/spelling mistakes and that makes me happy.
            Slendy haz nu face yet everyone is like ‘Slenderman says…’ It’s ridiculous. How dafuq does he talk with no face?
            I’m glad you didn’t make him talk in da story

          • Megan

            Well, I’m glad you liked it.

          • Tapanga

            Him not talking is his thing he can get into ur mind tho

        • Tapanga

          XD looking forward fo it but good luck

  • Megan

    This was my first time writing a story.

    • Luna

      Still, theres lots of cliches and plot errors… I agree with sinful.

      • Tapanga

        Ya i agree also

  • Caleb Smith


  • Elijah

    This isn’t even scary or entertaining at all

    • Luna

      I agree

  • Paradoxical Realities

    Are you going to continue writing it?….as in evolving the character by putting them in gradually increasing dark situations!?

    • MegantheKillerforever

      I am going to continue writing it, but the dark situations won’t start happening until part three or four. I just submitted part two, but that’s just settling in. Sorry if you don’t like the second part, but it will get better.

    • Megan

      In maybe the third or fourth part it will get better with dark situations.

  • Luna

    To be honest, this is absloutely terrible. I didn’t want this to be too highly critical, but this is highly unrealistic. You wouldn’t just straight off kill your parents because someone said they’d kill you if you didn’t. A truer , more beleivable thing is that you’d freeze and sweat and start shaking. And the story could bw much more developed, the vocabulary is short almost of a 10 year old. Theres so many ways to make the main characters reactions much more realistic and so many ways to improve your volcabuary and the plot. Its very basic, as the plot is straightforward : 1. Character knows alot of creepypastas, read all of them (Its okay but, really could expand on it…) 2. Is going to try and find slenderman (a major cliche in my books) 3. Finds lantern etc in a SHED feeling someone is watching them (Why wouldn’t you run out and see if someones there? Logical thing to do.) 4. Ends up FALLING ASLEEP in the DARK just because they’re tired and doesn’t even think for a momment thinks to go back inside to have a nap would be safer 5. Ends up meeting three psychopathic sadist and masochistcreepypastas and doesn’t have much of a reaction except that they lose how to speak for what 1 minute?! They don’t shake, shiver, think about running.. no they just ask a question like its normal to meet ok killers in a forest?? 5. The killers then say that the main rson in the story that they can join as a proxy and just because Jeff said they thought the main caracter was weak , tells him to kill his parents and brother. 6. Doesn’t he object? Well yes but Jeff says they’d have to kill him. Cliche!!! 7. Then the character is like goes ahead and kills his mother and father.
    I think what your missing at the end is HOW something happened to Jeff to make him kill. Nothing is mentioned of ANYTHING that could make the main character just be like i just killed my parents! This needs improvements

  • Nicole {Neko}

    Loved it!!!

  • Manny

    Wow your good at this i was before i read this but now im happy ty๐Ÿ˜€

  • Yolo Wizard

    I want to cry..

  • Yolo Wizard

    It’s every fangirls’ dream. Making it very unoriginal plus the plot was uhm.. Something, but not good and not exactly bad. Really just the predictable and fyi none of them are sane, so add characteristics to go with that then them just talking like a normal human. I have more but this is too long. You’ll get better btw.

  • Sinful Chaos

    I love it, keep writing, Megan!๐Ÿ˜Ž

  • platinum and gold

    Part 3!!???!

  • Johnny

    This is one of my favorite storied I have read
    I love it!

  • Judging and always right

    I get it’s you’re first story but this s***s

  • Friday

    TBH I think this was too much fantasy bc a child wouldn’t be asked to be a proxy when they haven’t committed a single crime or that’s clean from guilt. This story didn’t persuade me to keep reading.

  • Ryvir Nelson

    This was one of my favorites

  • Doodlegirl03

    Lucky she got to meet slendy

  • Doodlegirl03

    Same here