A Brush with the Paranormal

I want to tell you about the night I was choked by something I couldn’t see.

It was a typical night for me. I played video games for a few hours, had dinner and settled down for the remainder of the evening. I decided to watch a few paranormal documentaries before crashing for the night.

The first one to pop up was a documentary about exorcisms. It was truly terrifying. There were tales of people crawling up walls, blood dripping from ceilings, and levitating objects. I was utterly fascinated by it. It seemed too fantastically eerie to be true. However, I now regret ever doubting the stories.

I fell asleep after watching another documentary about the search for Bigfoot. The dream I fell into was terrifying, because I was one of those dreams where you think you’re still awake. In it, I couldn’t move. I was clutching my phone to the point my knuckles were white.

I tried to crawl to get to my keys, which had a cross keychain on it. The best I could do was roll onto the floor. You could feel the sinister presence practically oozing through the air. What I mean is that the air was thick, heavy with an unspeakable evil. I pulled myself across the carpet, inching my way to the kitchen.

I’ve never made a longer trip across the living room. I finally pulled myself to a standing position, but was immediately shoved back down. It felt like I was moving down through the air forever. The one bit of hope I had was that I could now see the keys dangling from the counter. I’m not a religious person by any means, but at this point I was trying my hardest to say Jesus help me!

After what felt like an eternity, I pulled down the keys and clutched at the keys. I held the cross so tightly it felt like my hands were bleeding. I cried out, “Jesus help me!” And then I woke up. On the floor beside my couch, clutching my keys. My hand was bloody. But I was alive.

It was then that I felt a force close off my throat. I couldn’t breathe! I clawed at my throat, trying desperately to fend off my unseen attacker. I screamed in my head, shouting for help. Finally, it loosened, and I grabbed my cross again. Air filled my lungs. The stars that had danced in front of my eyes faded. I was alive.

I will never doubt the paranormal again.

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    Liked it

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    Wow just wow

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    Im loving it man you did a good job