7th Street

June 2nd 1996
11:45 AM
I live in a small town called Erkstin, Illinois. I have 3 brothers and a little sister. My name is Max. I’m 14.

June 15th 1996
1:57 PM
I totally forgot about this journal. Something weird just happened… the train… just stopped. Not like it usually does though… it went halfway over the bridge and stopped. Its blocking the streets. But the cars… they still go through. I’m gonna check it out.

June 15th 1996
8:26 PM
I went to the bridge… I went through the train but inside… it looked like a ship that had been underwater for years. And this little girl was there. She looked about 4 or 5. On the wall I read “POTS REH XAM” and then I was on the other side. But everything was greener here… a foggy, smokey, moss-green.

June 17th 1966
3:43 AM
I FOUND OUT MORE! THAT LITTLE GIRL! When she was 4 years old, she was playing on the railroad tracks when she was hit by a train. She flew, still alive and in pain, into the river. She was found 2 days after it happened. Police say she was forced on the tracks, then put in the water to hide the body.

June 18th 1966
5:03 AM
My little sister is missing. I can’t find her. I’m going down to the tracks.

June 18th 1966
5:39 AM

June 19th 1966
7:12 AM
I’m in the police station… that one girl in the tunnel… wrote backwards… I forgot what she wrote I’m going back.


The train started moving as I was inside. I felt crushed. I fell off the side of the bridge and water blew up my lungs. I felt something tug at my hair. I turn around to see my sister and that girl. She began to write “POTS REH XAM” It was backwards but I read it with ease… “Stop Her Max” I remember… I was there. I saw her die. I tried to save her, killing myself. My sister went after me. She died too… I had another chance to save her and i didn’t realize it. I killed my sister.

July 17th 1966 Tuesday 12:42 PM
I walk around town and I’m invisible to everyone. I walk into my home. My family’s eyes red. They’re watching the news. Maddie Pinklifer announces us all dead.

Maddie: “Anna Swamp, Jessie Swamp, and Max Swamp, all found dead in the Rock River. Anna Swamp, 4 when she died, born December 1st 1953, died Wednesday, May 6th 1957. Jessie Swamp, 9, born Wednesday, May 6th 1957 died June 19th 1966, Tuesday. Maximus Swamp, 14, born July 18th 1952, died June 19th 1966 Tuesday. We will all remember these poor kids. Alex and Axel Swamp, will forever hold their kids in their hearts. Thank you.

I’m related to that girl… I hear my mother start to speak.

“It was terrible when we lost Anna… on the same day I gave birth to Jessie. Then Maxie. Or… Max…”

(I was born a female and now I’m a boy. My family didn’t like it)

“I should’ve told her not to. I’m happy she’s dead. I was gonna kill you all today. Then she made my murder public fast.” She pulls out a knife

I get the blood on my clothes and write on the wall, “RUN I’LL HOLD HER OFF -MAX” They look confused and im guessing it’s backwards. I write “NUR LL’I DLOH REH FFO – XAM” They run as I grab her knife and stab her over and over with it. “I HATE YOU, I HATE YOU.” My family stops in their tracks. They turn and look at me.

“Anna? Anna! Jessie! MAX!! WEVE MISSED YOU!”

My mother was my murderer.

  • teresa robinson

    Am I the only one confused?😕

  • Jacqueline Williams

    Nope !… I’m soooo freaking confused?!?!?🤔🙁

  • Hi_there

    This was all jumbeled up

  • Amanda

    It sounded good but I also got really confused near the end. Maybe adding more detail will help the readers understand the confusion. And I wouldn’t say ur mom was the killer so abruptly. Try to make the reader guess it. Other I like the twist. And hope to read more.