3 True Stories

Hello at first I want to say a few words: 1. I’m going to tell you 3 stories, all of them are real  2. English is not my first language so please ignore my mistakes.

Story 1. The first story I want to tell you is a short and more or less unspectacular story. It happened a few years ago somewhere in Germany. We visited some old friends and it was already night when we walked home. I was the last one and suddenly I heard steps behind me. Because I didn’t know that I was the last I thought it were friends. But after a few minutes someone grabbed my shoulder actually very hard. So I turned around and I was alone. I still don’t know who it was. After that I walked a bit faster because I was kinda scared.

Story 2.  This story also happened a few years ago but after the first one. It’s Germany again, because I live there. It was early in the morning and I couldn’t sleep anymore so I got up. I started my computer and played some games. After a while it got cold but actually I didn’t care. A minute later my before closed Door opened but there was nobody. So I looked at the big gap and I could see the door frame on the other side. But I couldn’t move my head. So I saw something which looked like the silhouette of a human but it was more like something out of gas (I mean if you look at the street on a hot day you can see the hot air whirling around). As I said I couldn’t move my head and had to look at this creature. Somehow I managed to close the door. As it closed I could move my head again. This was the first I experienced something like this.

Story 3. This one might be more interesting. This happened in Spain in our house / the house of my grandparents. It was a big vacation for two weeks with almost the whole family. The young people (I and my cousins) slept in a room in the attic. We found a weird old drawing (not very good) of a creature like thing. But we threw it away.  At the end of the first week in a night which wasn’t different as the last ones something very creepy and strange happened. It was dark but we still talked a bit. Then we saw something sneaking a few meters away. It was too dark to see it clearly. A few seconds later we saw it again. It made strange noises and we were too afraid to do something. So we threw things at it. It was gone. So we turned one the light. And after we searched for it we didn’t find anything. So we gone to sleep. I was still awake because I was too scared. And I heard the noises again. Suddenly something pulled my hair. I screamed and woke the others up. I kicked that thing because it didn’t stop pulling and it hurt. The thing fell to the ground and ran away. And it was gone. We haven’t seen it again.


Thank you for reading. I’m still afraid of these things even tough I never experienced something like that again. Have you?

  • Frank West

    Your not bad with English.

    • HastaLaPasta22

      Apparently you are

  • Sean Chrisjohn

    I’ve had a lot of strange and scary things happen to me since childhood. I’ve of tellin them as stories, but the longer I think about it the stronger the feelin that somethin wants me gets.